Ants Fight In The House And In The Garden – Home Remedies For Ants

ants Garden House home remedies apartment

DIY household stipps

When the Ameisensaison (spring), these sneaky insects in your House can move and never leave it. But thanks to some household tips and resources such as vinegar, lemon, lime, water, you can effectively protect your kitchen, doors, Windows and exterior. You have probably already tried several solutions, but now certainly at least one of these tricks will help you.

Ants fight – tape

ants Garden Home Home remedy tape

Marched an army of ants through the cookie jar on the kitchen countertop? Create a moat around the object, by using tape.

Grease casters

ants destroy Garden House home remedies window

Spray boric acid along every Ritz and each column. Use a grease casters, to sprinkle the hard to reach corners. Don’t forget the boric acid can be toxic when small children or pets to absorb them.


combat Garden Home House remedies chalk

Draw a line to the entrance of the House around, to keep the ants away. The ants are repelled the carbonate lime, is actually composed of compacted shells of marine animals. Sprinkle around chalk powder around the garden plants.


ants fighting Garden Home Home remedy salt

Sprinkle the Board shelves along a line of flour and everywhere, where the ants are normally located.

Flower pots

ants fighting Garden House home means flower pot

If you toil the fire ants in your yard or garden, a flower pot would help to solve this problem. Conversely, put him over the anthill. Pour hot water through the holes to burn their homes.

Lemons and vinegar

ants fighting Garden House home remedies vinegarSpray the door thresholds and window sills with lemon juice. Squeeze more lemon juice into each hole or Ritz that inhabit the ants.

Lemon slices

ants fighting House home remedies lemon juice

Apply vinegar

ants fighting Garden House home remedies casters

Completely close the front door
ants fighting Garden House home remedies