Black Rice – Trivia And Culinary Ideas

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black rice of spoon healthy diet

Black rice – history and properties

Today want to we more accurately represent the black rice you, this special rice variety that was bred in Asia. It is widely used in China, India and Japan. They are called also purple rice as a result of the texture, which gets them after cooking. The black rice has its color thanks to some specific pigments, which is included there. The same can be found in the grapes and raspberries. Black rice is not only exotic and interesting as food.

He’s also super healthy

black rice healthy food food

Black rice in a white Bowl

healthy eating black rice white Bowl

Purple rice as main meal

healthy recipes black rice eat

The history

The black rice is cultivated in Asia for many centuries. The ancient Chinese have marked him as a Royal dining. Only the Emperor and the people from his district were allowed to eat them.

If you fell into the temptation to try it as a simple person, very strict penalties were due

black rice food healthy diet

Black rice combine with potatoes

black rice potatoes dining food

Have you tasted this rice variety?

black rice healthy food healthy life

It was believed that this rice brings long life and much health. You knew him also as a remedy. Especially for stomach ailments, he was recommended by local folk medicine. Also for the renal upper gland he was very healthy. It was also believed that the vision was sharper. Last but not least it has used the black rice as an aphrodisiac.

Ingredients of black rice

In addition to the many proteins, we have also amino acids, vitamin B9 and E as ingredients. Also, there are magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, beta-carotene, fiber among others in the black rice. The fibres in the white rice, four times more than are actually.

The black rice has little sugar and virtually no gluten

black rice healthy nutrition

The black rice can be used also for the preparation of desserts

recipes black food rice pudding

Black rice combine with mango, avocado and nuts

Black rice cream mango avocado nuts

Cook the black rice

As I just said, the black rice is still typical for Asian cuisine, as for the European. The rice is very hard. You must leave this product that’s why for some time in the water, before you begin to cook. It would be best if he would stay the night. If you do not, is the cooking be very difficult for you. Also, some difficulty with digestion could be it.

Prepare healthy food with black rice

healthy diet healthy life black rice food

Cooked black rice

healthy food cooked black rice

Black rice is as an accompaniment to enjoy but also main dish. It can be combined with vegetables or fruit. All kinds of sea products fit wonderfully. Japanese take him even with the creation of sushi used. The mixture with coconut butter provides a tasty and very healthy recipe.

Prepare the black rice as a side dish

black rice cheese meat food

Sushi made with black rice

sushi black rice food recipes

Health benefits of black rice

Let us take a look on this important aspect. Not only the ancient, but also the modern health experts agree that its beneficial effects in this respect. Due to the good ingredients can help this rice variety in the prevention of cancer, diabetes, hypertension. Only a portion of Black rice brings more benefits than the black raspberries. The latter as a super food are known. The black rice has more sodium than the whites. Even people who tolerate no gluten, would feel better if they consume any black rice. For women, he has many beneficial effects, as for example in rehabilitation after the birth. He can help people with hair loss symptoms very much further.

Prepare a healthy dish with black rice

healthy diet food black rice

A healthy dessert with black rice

healthy dietary black rice pudding

The black rice combine with quinoa

healthy eating recipes black rice quinoa

This type of rice can turn into a great dessert

black rice dessert food recipes

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