Build Outdoor Kitchen Yourself – 22 Good Ideas And Important Tips

Tips for building an outdoor kitchen

Think about it again, whether you want to build an outdoor kitchen yourself or ready to buy? Because that is certainly worthwhile. It is an old tradition to out there prepare food outdoors in the summer and enjoy. She can be more modern and more effective through new technologies and facilities. They are less tiring and much more easily prepare your food and drinks. The care of your outdoor kitchen will be certainly not very expensive. So you have more time to enjoy the summer and all related.

Make an overall plan of your outdoor area!

The creation of a plan is the first step to build an outdoor kitchens for outdoor use. Then you need to find the right place for the outdoor kitchen. Ideally, she looks like an extension of the internal living area and the access from the indoor kitchen should be easy and trouble-free.

How extensive should the project be?

You must the question arise, your project for the outdoor kitchen with regard to their functions should be as comprehensive. Would you accomplish all kitchen activities there? Would you like to invest in storage space, kitchen island or you want to establish for the first time only a barbecue? In this case, you would have to ask is, whether you want to also extend this time.

Build outdoor kitchen yourself – what should you observe?

build outdoor kitchen itself wood pergola camper Chair ergonomic sofa pillow

If Yes, make a plan of the kitchen, or what she should look like in its final version. To determine the right place for the grill easier.

Advice for more safety

The kitchen must be nice and comfortable. But also very safe! Work with electricity and water and outdoor, also the wind must be regarded as an important factor.

Grills and all other devices that work with electricity and fire, must be located on a secure, safe distance from the fire.

Another factor for more security out there is good lighting. You must necessarily have, so that you can avoid any accidents.

Order and optimum hygiene remain essential also at the outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen your own natural stone build built-in kitchen appliances grill

The choice of construction materials

The first and most important rule here is: choose materials which are suitable for all types of weather conditions. Stainless steel, stone, and concrete are probably most appropriate. They are universally also in terms of style. Stainless steel is neutral. He is used mostly in the base. The surfaces could work out concrete or stone, or order.

In terms of colours and patterns have a very wide selection!

Outdoor kitchen itself build or order?

Have you made always still not the decision, whether you build the kitchen yourself or prefer completed order? We would come back to your inner motivation. What reasons do you want an outdoor kitchen? Do you want to save something in the construction? Then it can be that you figure out with more precise calculations that ordering a finished kitchen could be more cost-effective.

Combine metal and stone with different haptic

yourself outdoor kitchen build natural stone garden flowers built-in kitchen appliances metal matt

More precisely, on the other hand you could meet your own demands and needs by a home-built kitchen. If that is your motivation to build an outdoor kitchen, the idea could be excellent.

Consider also the stuff of prefabricated modules that you can install. This is a good compromise Variant.

In all three cases you should note the hints and tips, we just gave you, to insure the best results.

Often, invite your friends for dinner!

yourself outdoor kitchen build built-in kitchen appliances kitchen grill oven fridge

If you are only on metal Matt

build outdoor kitchen your own metal shop fronts built-in kitchen appliances finished modules

Or do you rather prefer the rustic style of living?

outdoor kitchen your own plate build kitchen Island marble sink grill bar stool sofa

An elegant wooden Pergola would be optimal in this case of course

outdoor kitchen yourself kitchen modules flexible wooden Pergola columns build round fire pit

You could build your outdoor kitchen also with the coaxis alfer®® system profiles

A delightful outdoor kitchen from the fairy tale

outdoor kitchen itself build rustic style stone fireplace wood bar stool

Use natural materials such as rattan and wood!

outdoor kitchen your own country-style rattan chairs kitchen appliances build built

The country house style ensures more comfort and Visual warmth

outdoor kitchen yourself Chair build country house residential style rattan coffee table fireplace

Rough stone form a harmonious contrast with the smooth surface of the metal in Matt

build outdoor kitchen yourself diy ideas natural stone grill built-in kitchen appliances

A cosy lounge with soft pads and cushion

outdoor kitchen your own natural stone build couch sofa gartenlounge fireplace

Provide a balanced mix of materials on the terrace!

outdoor kitchen, outdoor kitchen itself build wood beam concrete fireplace

Light wood with a fine grain comes with optical distance

outdoor kitchen yourself wooden boards build canopy outdoor kitchen kitchen island

Round shapes and lighting complete the outdoor kitchen

yourself outdoor kitchen build round bartheke fireplace built-in kitchen table stone

Wrought iron can be perfectly combined with natural stone and wood

outdoor kitchen yourself bartheke bar stools metal build ergonomic kitchen of diy ideas

Teak is particularly to be recommended kitchen for your outdoor

yourself outdoor kitchen cabinets build teak wood

Spacious outdoor kitchen with an open fire place and lounge area

yourself outdoor kitchen build terrace lounge wooden Pergola white sofa pillow

Modern outdoor industrial-style kitchen

yourself outdoor kitchen build terrace summer couch dining table chairs kitchen

Used wood and concrete – a material duo of special kind

yourself outdoor kitchen build terrace roofing concrete walls industrial style dining table built-in kitchen appliances

Cosiness and comfort are always this high in demand

outdoor kitchen itself build natural stone wall covering fireplace rattan chair side table

If you stand on bricks and light wood

yourself outdoor kitchen build bricks wall wood cabinets fireplace