Can Small Kitchens Look Bigger?

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We would like to make our apartments as comfortable, practical and very comfortable as we want to have some comfort in our four walls. There we want to spend great time with family and friends. What happens if the space is too short and the living space is not enough for our design concept? In this case, do not let your head hang, on the contrary – try to think creatively and make the best of the situation. Sure, the last sentence sounds very good, but unrealistic. But we want to show you today that you can make a limited space much bigger and more spacious with little tricks and clever design ideas. Take small kitchens as an example. These are the rule rather than exception in all major cities. Those who know the housing situation in Germany know exactly how important the topic is for millions of people,

Small kitchens are the rule rather than exceptions in most large-scale housing estates

small kitchens the rule in large-scale apartments

In small town dwellings one can not afford to sacrifice much living space for the kitchen. Nevertheless, one can make this important space more spacious. First and foremost, the unquestioned center of the family life has to be practically designed, so that the typical kitchen work is performed on the limited area.

When cooking or baking, everyone wants to feel comfortable, so the small kitchen must be very attractive in design. The modern technologies help us a lot today, so that you can design interesting design concepts even for small kitchens. What would you like to put into such a project to give your small kitchen a chic, wide look, we present in words and pictures right away!

White or any other bright nuance – you decide for yourself!

small kitchens white

  • Bright colors foolish optical size

Many people feel a kitchen quite white looks a bit dull. This is of course not true, because this basic color radiates cleanliness and allows you to have a good overview in the room. brings other advantages. Decorated in a small kitchen in white everything looks perfect and the ambience appears a little more spacious. If this kitchen design does not appeal to you, then you have a whole range of trendy pastel colors that will surely meet your taste. Light gray and beige are among the possible colors the classic, which in recent years are also very popular in small kitchens. It depends, of course, on your preferences, which light coloring you choose for the kitchen. What is important is that the chosen color fits beautifully there and deceives optical size.

Delicate pastel colors are very popular lately, even in small kitchens.

Pastel colored small kitchens

There are many other smaller or bigger tricks that make the kitchen more spacious. For example, if you have high-gloss fronts and handle-free kitchen cabinets, then you are exactly right. These give the kitchen space a uniform look, without attracting attention. Perhaps they like contrasts. You can also use these in the small kitchen. For example, dark undercosts look perfect and can be perfectly combined with light cups, provided they are in the same color palette.

Dark restraints in a matching nuance, coupled with light cupboards give the small kitchen optical height.

Small open kitchen

  • The vertical space has to be used cleverly in small kitchens

Go up and take advantage of the free vertical space in mini kitchens! The well-known strategy here is to place wall cupboards, open shelves and hooks vertically so that you have a lot of free space in the small kitchen and feel well there, by no means too much furniture. In this respect you are left with many possibilities and you will be wondering how many things you can accommodate on the vertical surface. Do not forget, in small kitchens every square meter!

Use the vertical space clever!

small kitchen shelf ideas

  • Save space and create enough space in small kitchens

Space is always kept in the mini kitchen. If you do not have enough space, try to set up the kitchen in a very simple way to secure storage space. Today many clever design options are available in this regard. Modern built-in appliances and built-in extractor hoods are the ABC of modern kitchen furniture. To make the most of the room in the corner, you can place a corner cabinet there. The modern kitchen corner cabinets have elegant, extendable rotary doors and have integrated lighting. Since you can not disturb at all during cooking, you can only enjoy the kitchen work.

Stauraum is a key word in setting up a mini kitchen

small kitchen storage space

Stauraum is a very important concept in every kitchen, but it is especially important in mini kitchen. Where the space is really limited, one strives for a perfect order and tries to escape the confusion. For this purpose you need enough space. In addition to practical kitchen cabinets, wicker baskets, open shelves and boxes can be of great help here. If you combine these correctly and use, you ensure more order in the mini kitchen. This is especially important in small kitchens. There is nothing to hinder or hinder the direct view of the whole kitchen. This makes the small kitchen visibly bigger and the work there is a lot of fun for everyone.

We wish you a good success in the design of your small kitchen and many more pleasant hours during your work there!

Create contrasts and set accents – so you can get a swing into the small kitchen area

furniture tips small kitchen ideas

Clever modern furniture pieces are always multifunctional, e.g. this here offers storage space, seating and working area in one

small kitchens multifunctional furniture

Think creatively and design your small kitchen with enthusiasm

small kitchen with elan

White and wood can be paired well


The small kitchen in white is spiced up by appropriate lighting and room decoration

Small kitchen lighting flowers decoration

Built-in kitchen appliances are in!

Living kitchen for small rooms

Does not the perfect small kitchen look the same?

small kitchen white wood

Create a very cozy atmosphere in your small kitchen!

small kitchen furnishing kitchen island

The U-shaped kitchen can be designed very appealing

small kitchen U-shape ideas

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