Chic Kitchen Design: How You Should Design The Sink?

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Chic kitchen design: great ideas for the design of your kitchen sink

You have decided about the material of your sink and mounting, but have you thought about how much big your sink is intended to be? How big do you need them? It is partly an aesthetic question, because some of us would prefer the simple clean lines of the single basin. You must take into account but also the functionality of the kitchen. Her cooking and cleaning preferences are crucial for the number of basins.

In terms of price, two or more pools are a more expensive solution – for additional installation accessories and effort. The flushing with three pools cost more than those with one or two basins. The price of flushing with one or two basins but are comparable, because it rather comes to the pool material, assembly type, Championship and size, as the number of tanks.

Sink with one bowl

Sink with one basin is my personal favorite for the kitchen. I Cook often quite complicated dishes and it like to work with a large and deep sink.

Especially elegant is the sink made of copper in marble look

chic kitchens design copper sink marble surface

I can easily wash large pots, pans and cutting boards and I can hide even the dirty dishes there so that the guests don’t see it.

The obvious disadvantage of the sink with a pool is that she can exercise not many functions. It is not very easy to use this pool, if you rinse the dishes before the dishwasher with your hand. It is ideal if you mainly use the dishwasher and must wash larger dishes by hand.

Sink with one basin and drip tray

We have an interesting example of a sink with a bowl, which facilitated the hand washing. The built-in drip tray allows you to wash without water drain, rinse and then put the dish on the side to drip off.

Sink with two basins

This is a smart hybrid of an and two bowls. You have the advantage of a single basin (large and deep), but have also a separate pool for washing of fruit, the hands, etc.

Two sinks mean double installation accessories and expensive installation, you should take into account

chic kitchens design oval sink white glossy finish

Two separate sinks and a third sink to the preparation of the products. If you have the need, space and budget for this, this is the device for you. One or two chefs can prepare dinner and the children or guests can wash one’s hands or take a glass of water without disturbing them.

The fresh blue shades fit perfectly with the elegant vintage design

chic kitchens design antique cabinets in sea blue retro stove

Double basin

The most popular style of kitchen sinks, double basin, is a good solution for the manual abwaschenden or for those who perform more than his job at the basin. For example one washes the dishes and the other pours off the pasta.A disadvantage of the rinsing with two basins is ain’t big enough of two basins. A possible solution is the a basin larger and to order the other smaller.

The radiant white and the dull finish lend additional elegance the kitchen

chic kitchen design überdimensioneller faucet

Often the smaller pool is flat and the garbage disposal is incorporated there. So you have more space under the sink and the garbage disposal will be built higher. But, many owners complain that the smaller pool is not enough effective and would rather have a sink with a large basin, as two separate.

Elegant with clean lines SHED architecture & design

chic kitchen design with clean lines Dove cabinets

If prefer the multifunctional properties of the sink with two basins, but larger pools need to check whether you can find not a sink with extra large bowl. They are about 90 cm or more and give much more room. But the problem is that it takes then larger cabinets than the standard 62, 75, or 92 centimeters, so check whether the possibility of this in your kitchen.

Traditional and modern at the same time

chic kitchens design pastel colours Matt gloss

Three bowls

This is a sink! You can quiet down- and after washing and have a different sink for other activities. It occupies much of the estimated area but unfortunately because you lose the space under the sink.

This solution is suitable for large kitchens, where more than a cook in use is

chic kitchens design double sink in steelIf you make the decision, consider how much basin should have your sink, the criteria such as the number of chefs and how to prepare the food and then clean. If you are the individual cooking and also actively use the dishwasher, sink with a pool perhaps best for you would be suitable. Fully occupied kitchens that need extra cooking and washing basin, sinks with two or three tanks would be the better solution.

Tell us: are fan of flushing with one, two or three pools? Send your opinion as a comment below.

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