Cinnamon Healthy! What Can He Be Good? -Trivia And Interesting

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cinnamon healthy food cooking healthy ingredients

Cinnamon healthy! What properties does cinnamon?

Many people know the cinnamon for his tasteful qualities. But few know that it also really great for human health benefits. However, this applies only in the event that you are familiar with the proper use.

Rub cinnamon sticks

cinnamon cinnamon healthy cooking

Cinnamon healthy? The cinnamon is alive and real?

When there is talk of cinnamon, one would have to distinguish between two very different varieties. Cinammomum is the generic term. These include two subspecies. Which are cinnamomum cassia (also arоmaticum) and cinnamomum verum (also zeylanicum). Both are very similar, but actually two completely different things, which you would have to separate from each other.

Combination of cinnamon and honey

cinnamon honey combining effect weight loss

Cinnamon sticks

cinnamon healthy food cooking healthy food

Cinnamomum verum has much better properties for human health. These cinnamon variety goes back to Sri Lanka. The bark has a colour ranging between beige and light brown. The surface is very thin and even to smooth. The taste is sweet and very fine.

Cinnamon is a healthy ingredient

cinnamon cinnamon species cinnamomum Verum meals cooking

Cinnamomum verum

cinnamon cinnamomum Verum cinnamon varieties ingredients

In contrast, the other cinnamon variety, which is widespread in India and Indonesia, is very sweet and slightly spicy. The nuance is dark brown to reddish. The bark is very rough. The cinnamon is not particularly fragile and not resistant.

Well, you like cinnamon?

cinnamon cinnamomum cassia cinnamon light brown

Cinnamomum cassia

cinnamon cinnamomum cassia cooking food

Coumarin – the dangerous ingredient

Coumarin is one of the reasons why the cinnamon is not too healthy. This material contains the both cinnamon varieties, but in this from India shut in much larger quantities. Therefore, there are certain restrictions regarding the use of cinnamon per kilo on the sweets in the EU.

When we’re on the subject, then you should know where yet the dangerous coumarin contains. In addition to the cinnamon, there is this even in the strawberries, cherries, lavender, and also in the apricots. In very large quantities, it is very dangerous. Coumarin thins the blood, and may harm the heart in large quantities. Liver, kidneys are damaged and suppresses the nervous system.

The cinnamon from Sri Lanka is healthy for a few things, for which the Indian variety is very harmful. It’s the effect on blood pressure, Sri Lanka variation is composed by which this can be reduced.

Add cinnamon to the almonds

roasted almonds cinnamon healthy food

Combine cinnamon and apples is healthy

cinnamon Apple combine healthy eating

Donuts with cinnamon

cinnamon healthy Donuts recipe cooking

Coffee with cinnamon

cinnamon healthy cinnamon coffee drinks

Prepare cinnamon rolls

cinnamon healthy recipes cooking

Prepare cinnamon tea

cinnamon healthy tea preparing healthy drinks

Add cinnamon to the dessert

desserts healthy eat cinnamon sticks

Healthy breakfast

cinnamon recipes cooking Apple combination

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