Cool Storage Ideas For Your Kitchen

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cool storage ideas open shelf system

More space in the kitchen save cool storage ideas – how to

Until recently, I was obsessed with the idea for much storage space in the kitchen. Let’s look at the truth in the eyes: lacking most of us there room.

This is certainly not the place where we can extract a ton of decoration and exhibit, to give a mysterious look.

Actually, the items which we store, represent the decoration of the room.

Correctly: The dishes and the racks are the most significant items in our kitchen space.

So we should make them best in the most stylish way.

There’s something special on the clearly designed look in the well organized kitchen. Metal mesh, colored canisters and industrial pieces can be United in the sense of a space that looks modern and slim.

It’s about this look in today’s article. While we represent baskets of fruit, as well as large shelves.

Options for the storage of fruits and vegetables

First, it’s about wonderful options for the food and the drinks, which we like to eat.

Below you can see the two-tiered basket of company crate & barrel

cool storage ideas steel stand two levels

When I’m moved to my new home, I was desperately looking for a basket in which I wanted to like to store my products.

After I was drafted, I found out the following: it is practically not that everything is stored sorted. And here to help ideas like this basket: he has the look of a vintage basket, but he rests quite handy on the kitchen work surface. Here, there is place for fruit and for the special types of vegetables such as onions and garlic.

Want to talk now about canister made of glass? Also, it is important to learn that motivated the clean order of ingredients in the kitchen for cooking? I’m quite this opinion.

These glass jars are in production since the year 1940

cool storage ideas elegant glasses

You are a product of company crate & barrel. Where you can see exactly what is in it and I find it very handy. Who wants to lose time when cooking with the guessing where, what is?

How to find the glass canisters of company Williams-Sonoma in the figure below?

These are sealed by the beautiful, feather-light metal ceilings. You have a look right for bistros and restaurants and can give your kitchen a more professional appearance.

Remove the ingredients facilitate the wide openings

cool storage ideas glasses with glossy cover made of steel

Crave you even more color to your neutral kitchen? How about with red or orange, or something in the Middle as shown in the figure here? These splendid vessels for cookies are simply fabulous, don’t you find?

You are a product of the company West Elm

cool storage ideas Regensburg plastic containers

The hermetic ceilings create the fresh-keeping of products in these. The painted surface brings the pieces right to shine.

You can introduce the Organization in fridge! This is a fact overlooked by many people. Especially the owners of old models with lack of warehouse space will appreciate this idea. We offer buckets, organizer and shell company crate & barrel.

This liquid and ribbed pieces lend a modular style the fridge

cool storage ideas clear plastic container In the fridge

The liquids need also have their own space in the kitchen. Search for some stylish bottles, which will serve this goal.

How to find the glass bottles and the wood sealer from West Elm. You place the well-designed bucket and chic spheres made of wood. A wonderful solution if you want to allow never compromise with the good appearance in this respect.

Also you can proudly exhibit this work on the shelf

cool storage ideas glass bottles with ball cap wood

Now it’s the wine…

Have it also have difficulty to find good racks for wine? Actually, we often have difficulty to store the objects in the desired places. The reason for the different sizes.

Precisely for this reason, the option like CB2 is great.

The Cubist structure with the industrial look provides a stylish effect with its antique zinc covering. The entire solution is also super convenient.

Each piece can be connected to a different rack

cool storage ideas bottle stand from steel wire

Shelves and kitchen equipment

Now it’s about larger storage pieces, which can hold many kitchen items. For example I would like to you represent this Enclume traditional oval dish rack from Williams-Sonoma. This will be acquired with copper covering stainless steel hammered or such. So you can choose exactly the right look the for your kitchen.

The metal grid of metal that gives the whole a solid, many issues long-lasting construction

cool storage ideas oval dish rack with hook

Why do you add some light to the construction? Here we see a dish rack with hanging lighting of company Pottery Barn. This includes also the nickel coverage.

And check out below also the ribbed hanging lamps! The design is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Wonderful, or?

This solution is also specially designed for the people who love the bistro look, wonderful

cool storage ideas shiny steel rack for kitchen utensils

From the ceiling to the floor. Sometimes we need a bit more space in the corner or in the pantry. Therefore, the piece with the four drawers of the company crate & barrel is so popular. You can purchase extra blankets for the drawers, if you want to waive the ribbed style.

The Steering rollers contribute in addition to the stability

cool storage ideas kitchens dare with roll

Another great option for the expansion of the storage space in your room is the application of portable workspaces on the kitchen island. Some have additional storage space including.

In the figure we see below the metal top counter and bar of the company West Elm

cool storage ideas small table on wheels

They have wheels and Black colored cover made of stainless steel. You can prepare the food on the surface and then additional items including.

In this case there has been reached the basket.

Company restoration hardware brings many industrial solutions for racks on the market. Here, we have to do with a back the wood and steel construction.

She developed pine with unprocessed surface

cool storage ideas open shelf on wheels

This was taken from industrial steel of high quality. The earthy elements meet here at the modern!

A slightly maritime style embellished this maritime shelf system here. This is another work of the company of restoration hardware. According to the designer, they were inspired by the form of tube on the end walls of the large ships to this work.

Bring this shelf on the wall and fill it with many different products

cool storage ideas open shelf wall mounted

Do you want a rather warmer look in the kitchen? Maybe you need a wall shelf, like this of the narrow Studio then! This is a great eye-catcher on this white wall! Are you also this opinion?

Healthy and comfortable

cool storage ideas cute kitchen island dark wood

Do you want a piece of relevant but mobile? See below at the mobile frame of company Williams-Sonoma! You can stay hard regardless of the vintage look of the industrial piece opposite.

The iron frame and weathered wooden shelves are a welcome addition for the modern kitchen

cool storage ideas Rollregal from steel and wood

Have you shelving from Metro in your kitchen? This connectable separator of company bucket Williams Sonoma wonderfully to such pieces. You have been elaborated in chrome steel and each basket includes two connected bars. These can be attached to the shelves with the help of some tools.

How is it with you? Hopefully have we brought you closer to the decision for your next piece of furniture in the kitchen?

cool storage ideas baskets made of steel

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