Creating A Herb Garden: What Cannot Be Missed On Your Balcony?

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What do at the herb garden?

Spring is the season in which nature to new life awakens again. Everything grows and prospers and if you want to make a magnificent and flowery balcony or terrace, was now the right time to sow the seeds. We propose today something really practical, what may be very healthy and even delicious.

Herb garden set can be implemented in several ways

herbs garden create vertical garden parsley

Create an herb garden is easy and gives you a nice creative sense. Every day you can watch as your ‘work’ germinates, grows and is finally ready to be harvested. You will be proud to your herb garden and do something good for you and your guests or family.

To better recognize the cuttings, you can label the vessels

garden herbs put parsley flower pot order

You can use your imagination to make your herb garden original

herbs garden create herbs

All summer long you can harvest fresh herbs

herbs garden create parsley mix flower pot

Although the herbs need no special care, some knowledge about the characteristics and preferences of each individual plant would be very helpful.

An herb garden can consist of various medicinal or kitchen herbs. Most commonly we see parsley, dill and Basil in the garden, but you can grow naturally, Rosemary, coriander, thyme or savory and learn to properly maintain.

Have fresh parsley right at your fingertips

herbs garden create parsley care flower pot plant

Embellish your own views

garden herbs put parsley Flowerpot care at home balcony

You can use any container for your herbs

herbs garden create parsley care at home flower pot

Even the smallest kitchen could use a mini garden

herbs garden create parsley Flowerpot care at home hung


Parsley is one of the herbs that may be missing on a balcony. The plant is biennial and frost-resistant. Rich in vitamin C, the parsley is regarded as a natural aphrodisiac. The leaves and the roots of this plant are suitable for consumption. Help you successfully make parsley, let the plant not directly in the Sun and pour it in the morning or in the evening.

A fresh bunch of parsley from the garden replaces the bouquet with success

herbs garden create parsley care flower potDill

Known also as Borage, dill likes the Sun and a moist soil is best for its roots. The right care guarantees a good harvest of dill. In the consumption, the plant has a cooling effect, which can be welcomed in the hot summer months.

The fresh scent of dill has a cooling effect

herbs garden create dillBasilikum

We all love the aromatic leaves, that obligatory are tomato salad for the mozzarella, although their care is somewhat cumbersome. The potted plants like humidity and the dark side. So they feel comfortable and show it through their succulent leaves.

Direct sun rays damage the Basil

herbs garden create parsley care home mini flower pot garden

It is ideal for the plant partial shade to shade

herbs garden create Basil 2

Show the succulent leaves. that’s okay the Basil

herbs garden create Basil flower pot

You can get a manual for sowing in the first video

How to avoid error, is understandable from the second video

Successfully creating an herb garden

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