Decoration And Craft Ideas For Old Kitchen Cabinets

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craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets traditional kitchen wood furniture

Name of the project: transformation of the kitchen cabinets

It is not always easy and affordable, to replace the entire cabinets in the kitchen. For this reason, it may be that their conversion is the best idea. But which includes this process? As is the case with most production projects, it is connected to the response with many different details.

First step: Make out whether the cabinets are tight enough to keep a renovation, which may continue for the next ten years. Check for structural damage, which will perhaps help, that the new surface not good enough will be adopted. If this is the case, you have to think maybe but a complete renewal in the kitchen.

Ask yourself the question what benefits the new conversion compared to buying new?  -Decoration and craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets

It is the nearest that you will leave the Cabinet at the same place and without prejudice. This avoids the costs, but also the voltage, which is linked to the complete renovation.

So it is convenient for you, you use less material, and make the design process easier.

Check carefully the environment itself, to decide what color will be most appropriate. The nuance here wonderfully complements the main tone and allows the emergence of red accents.

Look at the relegierten patina of the surface, which leads to deeper colour dimensions. Other details, such as insulating boards, trays, drainer, dental arches, give lots of character design.

Ask yourself the question: is this DIY project good for me?

Have robust framework with your cabinets? Then, the redesign can really be a very good solution. Depends on the level which you do it, only by you! Only the change of the surface or the new painting can achieve the desired dramatic effect.

The replacement of the hardware and the fronts of the drawers can lend the whole a completely new phenomenon. It should consider exchanging accessories, the knobs and handles to consider in any case.

The exchange of damaged wood may be also a part of the process.


If the change affects no meeting structures or systems, there should be no problems. Find out when the janitor or the municipality.

Duration of the project:

Some simple improvements can be done within a week. But even the most complex should be ready within a month.

The best period for the implementation of a project

This is a project, which you can make wonderful in the winter, when for all other types of improvements, the hands are tied one. I would choose a weekend after Halloween and before Easter.In the summer, it may be too hot depending on the season and climate.

Black and white is always in and they never go out of fashion

craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets traditional bar stool black

You could opt for white cabinets and black work surfaces and all this splendour.

Nothing here is too complicated and expensive. See the two glass panels on the sides of the microwave oven. You reveal the long Bank of upper cabinets very delicately and avoid the monotonous appearance.

It has reached quite a soft contemporary theme in this kitchen

craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets traditional kitchen warm ambience

Note that the door to the Cabinet shows a very simple style and this is called “Shaker style”. This is one of the cheapest doors which it has on the market available. It can be used effectively in traditional and modern interior design.

The stainless steel complements the available accessories. Again, the upper cabinets provide a very interesting phenomenon.

Most of the houses are very traditional and actually you can do no wrong in the application of this classic color schemes

craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets window sink rustic

Click here to see the difference between the new and the old appearance of the kitchen.

Are you surprised? Yes, the old version was in a contemporary style. You can see still that fold the renewal without the conversion of the entire room.

Now it is the time to get up close to look at the results after the conversion of the last viewed kitchens

craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets wood furniture sink

This example has everything that the average buyer would wish. Including the surface of granite and the Nice rear wall of tiles.

The baseline fits exactly to the size of the kitchen. However, the gold Brown surface of the cabinets and the appearance of wood’s how appear rough and unfinished.

Switch to Maple

craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets wood dark paint

Then: After switching to Maple and the drawers with veneers made of the same material, as well as applying a new color, have the designer the much more pleasant space.

The Maple now appears as a lot smoother and softer material and the dark material gives the room an abundant feeling.

Here we see a very broad and spacious kitchen, which has nice Grantioberflächen and tile back wall

craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets conversion

But also here the gold is not enough tanned and coarse-grained oak finish, to give a special feel to the room.

The door looks out of date

craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets mahogany red marble

Then: Note how most of the elements from the original idea are still here. Decided typical coatings now but for a maple surface and furniture.

It has added even more panels at the sides of the refrigerator and also very visible elements at the base of the kitchen island and this kitchen made so nice lot.

Again we have here to do with coarse grain oak

craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets cooker

These can appear cheaper to the atmosphere in any kitchen.

Otherwise has the large window over the sink here about everything that you could ever want, it provides for the inflow of plenty of natural light.

Everything was in its place in this kitchen

craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets wood white paint

Then:  But it has been newly painted. It has replaced also the handles and buttons. Now, the dark granite reflects the brighter cabinets in a sophisticated manner. The decor of the room feels much nicer and upscale than before.

We are looking at now the newly painted cabinets from nearby

craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets containing handles

The surface is now somewhat murky. This effect provides character and drama. Such cabinets are not necessarily expensive, but they are the perfect base for a conversion.

Often it has to do with afflicted surfaces

craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets remodeling

Before:  But the good thing about wood is that it can be edited on the new. As long as it is not spoiled by water or other really bad influences, one should not despair.

Now here is the repaired Cabinet

craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets then fresh

Then: They sanded the old surface and applied new paint and varnish. For such jobs I recommend specialists, unless you are a really good craftsmen.

What’s with the coarse grained oak, which so often seems to come into application?

craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets decoration drawers

This example here is in the bathroom. He shows a wonderful form, lots of drawers and storage space. Just because it’s a bit plain, you should refrain from definitely not!

It has that broken white color converts the Cabinet into a great element of the institution

craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets window white paint


The accessories, the mirror, the sink and the water pipes remained unchanged.Reaching a beads surface and mold in the base, a completely new look with very little effort.

The modern and elegant kitchen here has beautiful stone surfaces and a great mosaic background

craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets kitchen rear wall mosaic

Even the kitchen appliances are new. However, the colors of the wood surfaces do not match their modern neighbors.

Craft ideas for old kitchen cabinets black surface texture after the conversion, we see the kitchen in black and the doors are in Shaker style

Then:Thus, it creates a modern statement. In the original kitchen had with subtle brushed metal handles, but the redesigned version substanzielleres hardware that you much rather look at and touch.

Who should you employ:

You can run the transformation of your kitchen as a DIY project. Sometimes we just need to replace some handles and knobs.

But if you’re not very handy, it’s worth perhaps, to seek out a specialist. When the conversion is complete, one should remember to involve architects and designers.

Here we have a questionnaire for you, so that you not risk of becoming ´, with or without specialists plan to forget something

Are replaced the following elements:

Accessories of the cabinets

Doors of the cabinets and drawer fronts

Wood and surface type

The existing color

The painting


Kitchen appliances

Work surfaces

Rear panel


Surface panels

Need to install more light?

Do you make repairs?

Must I add various details, such as some glass doors?

How it looks now? Make a DIY of it project or hire a professional?

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