Designer Dining Tables Give Your Dining Area A Special Note

designer dining tables round shape Sthal legs

Trends among the designers dining tables

The dining table is the obvious focal point in the appropriate setting. He determines to a large extent the atmosphere that prevails there. If you want to have an exclusive atmosphere, a usual model would not probably be enough.

For this reason we have created a list with the trends in designer dining tables for you and added sample images.

Straight lines and high-gloss silver

designer dining tables metal gloss rectangular retro design

Multifunctional designer dining tables

Multifunctionality in the designer dining tables is nothing new in itself. We know many models which can be wider and more compact depending on the situation. The mechanisms that are available, but are always innovative. The design of these dining tables also.

Sophisticated aluminum texture

designer dining tables aluminum sheet

Inspiration from other areas

Like to play table tennis? If your family has no objection to such a game table remember your dining room in the design.

On the market, such models are increasingly

designer dining tables gloss black table tennis

Minimalism and classical music in a

Designer dining tables are in themselves very often eclectic. This means that several styles are paired together in their preparation. Often, designers at the dining tables combine classical and minimalism. The first style is the ornamentation and the second – at the slim design of the lines to the best advantage.


More and more fabulous designer dining tables have been created almost entirely from marble. Through the modern processing technologies, you will reach many great shapes and effects.

These dining tables have a very noble and at the same time contemporary character

designer dining tables Marble look minimalist

Wide range of surfaces and materials

Designer dining tables differ from others not only because of the originality of the forms. One impress you first and foremost by refined choice of materials and colours.

There are real jewels, which are not to be found in the usual stores

designer dining tables glass white legs of stylish

Designer dining tables make a unit with space

More and more interior designers take over the task to design the furniture for an ambience. Your goal is it usually space as created from a single source which appears. See the examples below and decide whether this would be the most appropriate solution for you?

Are you oval shapes and cherry?

designer dining tables smooth oval cherry wood veneer

Or do you rather prefer simplicity in black and white?

designer dining tables curved shapes glass plate

Glass kisses metal in a refined manner

designer dining tables glass final legs sturdy

Innovative materials and unusual ideas

designer dining tables integrate sink

Minimalism with subtle touch of retro

designer dining tables minimalist rectangular

Think practically and opt for an extendable model

designer dining tables minimalist white extendable

For true fans of neo-Baroque, there are excellent alternatives

designer dining tables neo-Baroque white rectangular

Little is more often

designer dining tables oval modern design

Robust steel and rough wood grain

designer dining tables, robust rough grain natural wood

Simplicity of natural wood an unmistakable feeling of Zen

designer dining tables sturdy natural wood Zen

Classic round shape with a subtle 50s taste

designer dining tables round shape glass

Old interior design styles are reinvented

Designer dining tables round glass 50s design