Designer Kitchens Need Not Be Expensive – Select Regional Provider

The kitchen serves not only to the preparation of food and drinks, but at the same time as a sociable meeting place for family, friends and co. To benefit from a welcoming ambience in addition to functional properties, the kitchen should be selected carefully. Who wants to benefit from high quality in the long term, must invest in high quality Designer Kitchens , rather than to save at the wrong end. We explain why it’s worth with regional kitchen studios to buy.

Designer kitchens have to be expensive

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Advice and service on a high level

The purchase of a new kitchen is associated with numerous challenges. Not only the positioning of equipment, sink, and cabinets will be scheduled. Colors, materials and Cabinet systems must be selected.

A poor planning not infrequently is reason for impractical kitchen spaces, which negatively affect everyday life and make more difficult the kitchen work. The use of expert adviceis worth to buy a kitchen, that optimally meets the personal requirements. Right here, usually the problem starts with cheap providers. The consultancy is to be desired and for further information, the information is insufficient. Professional and experienced kitchen Studios have so much furniture discounters. Expert offer advice and assist customers, plan kitchens individually and are seeking any challenge to master. Instead of standardized kitchen items at the price screw to rotate, kitchen experts focus on tailor-made solutionsto equip even unfavourable premises with a perfect kitchen. They provide customers with comprehensive and take time for the implementation of personal kitchen dreams. The request object is fixed and the planning is complete, worry about the proper construction kitchen Studios.

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Some quality merchants, like the present under kitchen Studio from Münster, complement their local branches with a practical online offer consisting of 3D Planner and Küchenkonfigurator. A free service of the consultancy spectrum skillfully completes. While allowing virtual kitchen Planner to plan to shorten the duration of consulting on-site, advance their own a kitchen fronts, handles, materials and much more with just a few clicks in an authentic virtual kitchen can be in the Configurator consider. This allows customers to worry extensively about the desired cuisine prior to the visit in the kitchen Studio

There’s kitchen Studios nationwide in large numbers, so that it is possible for each consumer to find a suitable dealer in his home country. Local kitchen Studios delight in addition to the aforementioned benefits also with customer proximity. For questions or change requests are fast on-site technicians and consultants and even years after the purchase. Buyers benefit from a long-term partner and short distances. This in turn reduces the costs for transport and transport.

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Attractive price / performance ratio

Although are quality kitchens but long term considered by regional traders usually more expensive to purchase as affordable alternatives from the furniture discounter, the price-performance ratio is usually unbeatable. Because the higher prices have their reasons. Materials and constructions are longer-lasting, the service more extensive and the electrical equipment that is durable. Renowned kitchen Studios rely on robust materials such as solid wood, granite or stainless steel to meet highest demands. When wood kitchens can be themselves on the basis of the terms already easily determine whether it is a noble or cheap kitchen. The following listing for orientation:

Wood: solid wood kitchens can be found in the high price segment and are made completely of wood. They are durable, aesthetic, and stay healthy.
Solid wood: Especially fronts are made from wood. Cheaper glulam can however be used with back panels, side panels and body. This kitchen can be found in the middle price segment.
Real wood: What initially sounds great, is sobering indeed. These kitchens are made of MDF or chip boards. Real wood veneer ends up on the plates. The elements are interconnected with glue. Not infrequently, adverse materials are used for health and the environment. Conclusion: Low price segment.

In cheap kitchens defects noticeable, like bad closing drawers, is inducing screws on extracts or quirks on the worktop often already after a few months. The apparent savings, which should be accompanied by the purchase, can emerge quickly over the years as a fallacy. Qualitative kitchens to point out what they promise and are in perfect condition with good processing decades. A real investment in the future so.

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High-quality electrical appliances

The biggest shortcoming of cheaper kitchens is not poorly processed materials, but the inferior electrical appliances. You often only until shortly after the guarantee or warranty and must be replaced by new devices. In addition, that the cheap alternatives are often worse energy balances and thus have negative affect on the electricity bill. The latest technology is used, which lasts a longer and delivers to the other first-class energy values in Designer Kitchens .

Cheap alternative: showroom kitchens and sales

To get cheaper beautiful Designer Kitchens , it may be worth to ask for exhibition kitchens . These are regularly exchanged on the basis of new programs and offered their customers with significant discounts. If including an appropriate offer is represented, the desired designer kitchen is to possibly get hold of up to 50 percent cheaper . However, it may be that certain traces of use in purchase must be included. Keep this limited the potential for savings is very interesting. Prerequisite for the desired savings is that the exhibit can be integrated as far as possible into the home, as she will be presented on-site at the dealer. Elaborate renovations usually extra!

The continuous sale in kitchen Studiosprovides another alternative for saving. Because the range is constantly expanding and older kitchen models replaced by new. Legacy products are sold cheaper to make room for current goods.  Chic kitchens can buy up to 50 percent.

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Final tips

The magazine beautiful has consulted several experts on the subject of kitchen purchase and arranged the most important facts in an separate guide . As the best kitchen Studio can be found, responds to the question, for example, Mr. Thorsten Prée, Managing Director of Warendorfer Küchen GmbH: “the first Studio is not the best. Find the consultant of you can trust, because buying a kitchen is a process, and it takes several weeks to its Assembly. You need to feel understood. If not, would you change the Studio.”

Also sat. 1 has dealt with the topic and go bargain hunting. The editorial staff has encountered some Preisfallen. The broadcast can be viewed under Kitchen specialist Manfred juice gives you valuable tips for price negotiations and co.

We have summarized additional suggestions and ideas for kitchens in our eponymous category.


Before the purchase of kitchen, you should look at several local kitchen studios and take a consultation service. During the consultation, it soon becomes clear what Studio with competence, service and an optimal price-performance ratio can convince. Creating a wish list is advisable, to speed up the consultation and faster to reach the target. Seen in the long term, quality Designer Kitchens are cheaper, because furniture and electrical appliances have a much longer life. Hand in hand goes, that one has more joy of quality kitchens and must fret not about unnecessary complaints and defects.

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