Designer Solutions In The Kitchen – What The Professional Chef Marc Vetri Cooking At Home?

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designer solutions in the kitchen countertop rustic establishmentWhat home cooks the professional chef Marc Vetri?

Marc Vetri, a restaurant owner and winner of the iron chefs, has recently renovated the kitchen in his house in Philadelphia with the help of Interior Designer Michael Gruber , who has established also his restaurants.

Cooking: Marc Vetri – restaurants: Vetri, Osteria, AMIS and Alla SpinaDesigner solutions in the kitchen

designer solutions in the kitchen cooker

Cooking: Marc VetriLocation: PhiladelphiaRestaurants: Vetri, Osteria,AMISand Alla SpinaTV show: Iron ChefBooks: Rustic Italian FoodSpecialty: Italian cuisine

The perfect kitchen

designer solutions in the kitchen countertop

Question: What is the ideal kitchen for you? You have a galley kitchen with a huge island.

Answer: We have renovated already last year our kitchen. We have worked within the framework of the restrictions of an old House, so you can have anything desired.

We could build a 3.5-meter Island, with an overhang on the edge for four stools.

It is 1.50 meters wide, so that I can cook and talk at the same time with the children.The cuisine of Marc Vetri, pictures by Mark Havens

Question: And what is the ideal arrangement of kitchen appliances for you?

Answer: I wanted to have built-in oven, but due to space constraints we have opted for Wolf 1.50 meters with four ring hob, Grill and stainless steel decided to top. The two ovens are under the hotplate. Also externeres blower, they are silent.

Question: what do you think for the open as compared to closed stove? And electric to gas furnace?

Answer: at home I have electricity and gas, and in restaurants only gas. The application of electricity at home is more accurate and easier. For the stove I have not very strong advantages, but I use the stainless steel variant. You can prepare burgers directly on the metal.

Question: would you recommend a home cooking which additional cooking device?

Answer: I think the induction hotplate, but personally I could find until now really not the desired. A built-in steamer would be good. I don’t believe that a steamer on the worktop is necessary — you can do the same with Pan and water.

Question: Would you use gas in addition for the induction plate?

Answer: I think that they can be used for everything. They are also safer for children, if the hot plate in the island is.

Rustic motifs and details in the kitchen design

designer solutions in the kitchen countertop dining area

Question: would you cook what food when testing new equipment?

Answer: I would just Cook a meal and let’s see how it works out.

Question: for kitchen cabinets you did what?

Answer: We opted for a sub zero 1.20 wide stainless steel refrigerator with two doors decided I should have enough space but I would take the 1.50 meter model.

Question: And your opinion which is the ideal arrangement for rinsing? Let’s start with the pool.

Answer: Ideally, I would have the sink in the island, and also a second dishwasher.

Question: And faucets? Fewer people think of their functionality.

Answer: Ernst said, I have not thought about.

Massive wooden surfaces – dining area and kitchen island

designer solutions in the kitchen countertop rustic establishment

Question: Which is your favourite material for wall panels?

Answer: The old subway tiles or antique tiles.

Question: What is the preferred countertop material for the island, cooking plate and baking?

Answer: I wanted to have a really thick wooden plate somewhere, and we have taken real thick marble for the island.

Question: And what material you wanted for the floor?

Answer: at home definitely lighter, hardwood floors – if you all day long is.

Question: What is your opinion about the ideal lighting in the kitchen?

Answer: recessed lights, which can be modified. Well, I like the pendant lights over the table. They are made from Campari bottles.

designer solutions in the kitchen countertop cooking baking

Question: What ingredient can you not live without?

Answer: Oil.

Marc Vetri, a restaurant owner and winner of the iron chefs

designer solutions in the kitchen work top chef Marc Vetri

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