Feng Shui Ideas For Your Kitchen – Basic Rules

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Feng Shui ideas yellow oven sink fridge light yellow

The cuisine is known as the heart of the home.

Use some simple Feng Shui rules, to keep your kitchen clean, bright and in harmony. Believe or not, the Feng Shui teachings will help you and your family to be healthier and happier.

Feng Shui ideas – you feel at home in the kitchen

Feng Shui ideas kitchen triangle stove sink fridge

Feng Shui agrees with the rule of the so-called triangle of kitchen according to the stove, the sink and the refrigerator over each other stand. This geometric scheme offers the best balance between the conflicting elements – fire and water.

Did you know that the yellow color promotes digestion?

Feng Shui ideas yellow oven sink fridge

All yellows are the perfect color for the kitchen, as they promote the digestive processes. Red, Brown and white are also appropriate colors for the kitchen. But avoid the strong water colors such as blue or black, because they abolish the power of fire elements.

Order and cleanliness are at the heart of every Feng Shui kitchen. This is true for the countertops that are obvious, as well as for closed storage drawers and cabinets.

A bowl full of fruit or a vase of flowers on the dining table create an inviting and cosy atmosphere.

Create a cozy, warm and inviting atmosphere

Feng Shui ideas wood table vase flower shelves

Wood and furnishings in white – stylish combination

Feng Shui wood stove sink refrigerator white take time, your kitchen in order to bring

Feng Shui ideas oven sink refrigerator whiteEine kitchen in black can look very stylish, but is contrary to the rules of Feng Shui

Feng Shui black inappropriate oven sink refrigerator white

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