Feng Shui Kitchen – The Heart Of The Home

Editor   April 9, 2013   Comments Off on Feng Shui Kitchen – The Heart Of The Home

Feng Shui kitchen heat inviting wood red hot tulips

Feng Shui kitchen – warm, welcoming energy

As we have mentioned in other articles, order, cleanliness and brightness are the good Feng Shui. These are the basics for a Feng Shui apartment.

We were also talking about the kitchen facilities. Maybe you’ve seen the Triangle rules and you already know that the yellow color promotes the appetite and the digestion.

Feng Shui kitchen is alive and smells of spices

Feng Shui kitchen heat inviting wood flowers

The kitchen is the heart of your home and warm, welcoming energy to radiate. Thats indeed cosy warmth and “Spirit” still a rule because no matter, how your kitchen is equipped modern and stylish, she needs, so that you feel in the cooking and eating. Pay attention to your kitchen and make the question of how “she” feels, stating that “she” smell and what love would say “they”. It sounds a bit weird, but this is the way to go. You try something new, daring experiment with our Feng Shui advice and not stop until you feel satisfied and comfortable. It is important that the energy in harmony with your personality. Improve the lighting, choose warm, energetic colors, decorate with wall decoration, which is delicious. Let it smell of herbs and spices. Flowers on the table, as well as fruit or colorful water bottles refresh the atmosphere and leave alive your kitchen.

Be sure your kitchen will soon thank you.

Warm colours in contrast with the blue chairs and the floor

Feng Shui kitchen inviting warmth wood yellow Blau HellA clever solution to separate the kitchen from the door

kitchen comfortable Feng Shui teaching partition door wood

Yellow accents and floral

Feng Shui kitchen inviting warmth wood yellow flowers diner

Wood looks inviting and cozy

Feng Shui kitchen heat inviting wood cozy

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