Feng Shui Rules For Your Kitchen – Easy To Follow

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Feng Shui rules light yellow Grün Frisch wine glasses

Feng Shui rules in the kitchen

According to the Feng Shui teaching, the kitchen is not only a room where you prepare the food, but it symbolizes also wealth and success. So you give her enough attention. Main rule – the front door should not be nearby, this also applies to the back door, so that the flow of Feng Shui energy does not escape.

Feng Shui rules for a harmoniously designed kitchen

Feng Shui rules stone wall yellow fruit lemon

The food you ingest, gives you energy to life. It is high-quality, your life will be the more valuable. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Prepare your food in a harmoniously designed kitchen. Fresh fruit and vegetables should always be. It is believed they include healing vibrations from the ground, which your body needs.

It is important that sufficient sunlight can penetrate in the kitchen

Feng Shui rules light yellow red plain airy

In addition, sunlight and lighting play an important role. Airy, spacious, clean, bright and inviting – so it describes the perfect Feng Shui kitchen. A few devices are better than too many. You should find always a place for a vase of flowers or a flower pot. Store the garbage in the kitchen and don’t forget to throw it away regularly. As we have already mentioned, the yellow color is well suited for the kitchen because it promotes the digestion. Follow these simple rules and you will be surrounded by a strong positive Feng Shui energy .

Cook in a colourful and fun atmosphere

Feng Shui rules fresh light green red plain airy all yellows promote digestion

kitchen set up white pale yellow flowers vase

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