Free-standing Kitchen Work Surfaces And Extra Storage Space

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kitchen countertops kitchen island from walnut and bar stool

Free-standing kitchen work surfaces for more flexibility in your kitchen

Many people have the same dilemma in the kitchen: you do not have sufficient space in the kitchen and need additional kitchen work surfaces. There are so many solutions, you can even combine and place in different places.

Even in a large kitchen you can use such a space-saving solution. I think the idea with the chairs, which you can move under the table, just wonderful.

“Honey Can Do” Kitchen cart

kitchen work surfaces of shiny Kitchen cart made of steel

Fashionable furniture is a wonderful option, but one must also think of solid materials. If you purchase such a table, it is can serve many years you.

Cambridge kitchen island

kitchen worktops chest of drawers with many subjects

There are many beautiful alternatives to the built-in kitchen islands. Here is one, which is even more beautiful in my opinion.

Four legs dish rack with grid

kitchen work surfaces hanging dish rack

Do you have any beautiful cabinets in the kitchen, where you keep everything? In such a beautiful Cabinet, you can exhibit everything in a very elegant manner.

He far barer Cabinet

kitchen worktops of multifunctional bar Cabinet

You will not believe how much space is offered on such a shelf for storing various items.

Shelf on wheels in chrome

Here you can store things, which have proved too big for other exhibition areas.

Jefferson Kitchen cart

kitchen worktops pink kitchen car

Still a beautiful solution made of stainless steel. It is resistant to stains and rust.

Home Decorators collection

kitchen countertops open shelving with storage baskets

Through a traditional bakery shop you will gain lots of extra space.

Kitchen island / Breakfast bar Black

kitchen countertops kitchen island in black-painted

It’s a kitchen island can serve also as a breakfast bar.

Kitchen island / Breakfast bar in  Weiß

kitchen countertops kitchen island in white with plenty of storage space

Here is the same solution from above, but in white shading? Would you rather prefer them?

Cookware stand out of wood

kitchen working surfaces original Edition for cooking pots

Here you can store your pots and cookbooks wonderfully.

Oakmond kitchen island

kitchen work surfaces wood chest of drawers with wine bottle stand

Do you need space for your wine? You are exactly right in this portable wardrobe, I find!

La Mesa kitchen island

I’m sure that this rustic kitchen island oak will win the hearts of many among you.

Cart microwave

kitchen worktops minimalist kitchen trolley with steel baskets

You have no room for the coffee table and the toaster? Place these on the cart!

John boos & co. Cucina Grande shelf for pots

kitchen countertops kitchen island from light wood and steel

This is particularly for people, which for a temporary solution with other are looking for kitchen work surfaces, quite rightly.

New Home Kitchen cart with 3 baskets

In fact, this cart is most useful for fruits and vegetables, but perhaps to do something else there.

Die storage rack

So a shelf can be extended very much. You will decide that!

Wood and metal Entertainment Console on Pottery Barn

kitchen countertops Kitchen cart with drawers on wheels

Between the two parts, there is a storage room that is rarely anywhere else to find.

Belmont white worktop stainless steel

kitchen work surfaces of white minimalist table

Hardly, you find a less demanding under the kitchen work surfaces.

Kitchen island on two floors

kitchen worktops traditional design two surface

One can prepare breakfast, while the other can have breakfast at the same time already. Great, no? Have our kitchen work surfaces like ideas?

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