Herbs Enrich The Taste Of Your Food

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In our earlier published article on Herbs We have briefly illustrated the 5 favorites of the Germans, which are growing both on the window sill and in the garden bed. Today we want to continue the theme and present you other popular kitchen herbs, which give each dish a special flavor. From a mild-sweet taste to typical herbs to the exotic sharp one can achieve with the right selected herbs everything and flatter the palate. But not only that. The herbs can be cultivated in a child-friendly way, even a small herb garden itself. Its lush green also fulfills decorative function in the kitchen or outside in the herb garden and draws strongly the looks. But their wonderful aroma pampers the senses and creates good mood inside or outside. Just choose the right location for your favorite herbs and experiment with these useful spices.


The bean herb is a well-known herb, which the Romans liked to use in the preparation of essences. It has a specific scent that you could not confuse. There are two varieties of this spice, the summer bean (Saturejahortensis) and the winter bean (Saturejamontana). The difference between the two varieties is quite low in the taste, so we generally talk about the spice bean. To be frank, this is the classic among kitchen herbs. It can be used fresh or dried, its strong aromatic scent and spicy taste can be maintained for a long time with proper storage. It can be combined with rosemary and thyme and give an almost sharp note to the food.

As the name suggests, the bean is perfect for beans

Making herbs delicious with beans

The healing power of the bean is documented in the Middle Ages. The spice can prevent bloating and stomach pain, as tea is taken with cough.

The bean herb is also an important medicinal plant

Herbs the breakfast with boiled herbs taste better


Coriander was and still is today a popular kitchen herb and an excellent medicinal plant at the same time, so that it would not be impossible to imagine our daily life. In times long forgotten the herb was popular in India, China and Egypt and highly appreciated for its healing effects. The ancient Greeks appreciated sweetish spices and Hippocrates praised him as a herbal medicine.

The coriander gives the dishes an unmistakable taste

Use herbal coriander as spices in the kitchen

Today, the coriander is an inseparable part of Asian dishes. It fits wonderfully to salads and vegetable soups. Dips gives it a spicy note and a special flavor. With coriander green you can also make smoothies. The herb is given strong healing effects. The essential oil, which is contained in coriander seed, helps with stomach digestive problems such as bloating and diarrhea. The use of this medicinal plant has proven to be very effective during detoxification and can alleviate inflammatory processes in the body.

Coriander – a natural medication and typical Mediterranean spice

Herbs in the kitchen use coriander to tomatoes


Oregano also belongs to the typical kitchen herbs, which have a healing effect. This herb is widely spread in the Mediterranean region and its mild, spicy taste is praised in Mediterranean cuisine. Its green leaves exude an aromatic smell. The herb can grow up to 65 cm in the sunny location. In the kitchen the oregano is used a lot, as it gives a special spice to the dishes. This herb is a must for pizzas or tomato sauces, omelettes and farmers’ breakfast. It is also suitable for meat and fish dishes, for soups and sauces. The healing power of this herb was discovered and used in ancient times. From then until now, Oregano helps with the treatment of painful hemorrhoids and with women’s problems. The herb is anti-bacterial, digestive, appetizing and anti-fungal.

The typical oregano flavor is spicy to sharp

Oregano with meat and potatoes


The sage also comes from the Mediterranean areas, but also thrives well with us. About 900 Salvia species are known worldwide. The true sage belongs in Germany to the most important herb and medicinal plants. The Salbeitee is a favorite drink with us, which has a tonic effect and is antibacterial. The essential oils contained in the sage still have an anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, the housewives use the medicinal herb still in ointment butter and prepare various ointment sauces. Its sour, fruity taste is unmistakable and is preferred in many dishes.

Sage smells beautiful and has a bitter and spicy taste

Add herbal sage to the food


Our unquestioned favorite among the kitchen herbs in this review is the thyme. It enjoys a great popularity predominantly in the southeastern regions of Europe, throughout the Mediterranean region, from where the herb actually originates. The thyme was still spread throughout Europe throughout the eleventh century. In the art of cooking the spice is very popular, because it has a strong, herb-spicy taste and gives the dishes a sweet Mediterranean flavor. As a remedy, the thyme has been known since ancient times. The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates used it against diseases of the respiratory tract. From time immemorial to today, this herb is considered a natural antibiotic and is often used for colds and stomach problems. It helps us to remain mentally fit to old age, say medical researchers and doctors. Its healing properties make the thyme a classic among the spices that belong to every kitchen.

If you want to give your food a harmonious flavor, use thyme!

Cook herbs with thyme

In the case of pertussis, asthma and chronic bronchitis the thyme is irreplaceable

Preparing herbs with thyme

Various kitchen herbs can be pulled in pots, boxes and buckets on the balcony

Herbs and spices make the dish delicious
Herbs delicious food with coriander
Use herbs while cooking
Herbal sage makes food delicious and different
Use küchenkräuter for the preparation of omelette

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