Hostas Plant – Great For The Garden And For The Kitchen

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Hosta plant botanical garden design

Hostas plant – these are known to you?

Do you know the Hostas? Well, you know those green plants? Did you know that you thus have not only green in the garden, but also always hold great ingredients for your healthy meals? There are more than 45 species of Hostas in the great outdoors. Most are located in North-East Asia. There they are known under the name Giboshi. More than 20 species are known for their striking and majority-leaves. They have been distributed in the form of a rosette.

A colourful garden design

Hostas plant garden plants exterior

In addition, the Hostas plants offer a variety of shapes, textures and colors. This, the flowers get, can reach up to 100 cm. The flowers themselves grow also in groups. They look like bells or glass judge. The nuances are white or purple. Hostas plants produce fruits. Smooth black seeds inside them.

HostA with white flower

Hosta white flowering garden plants

Purple plantain Lily

Hosta flower garden plants purple

The care

Half – or full shade is very important for maintaining the hostas. The Earth must be moist, but should also easily drain itself. In such circumstances, the root system would develop very well. This is very strong and wide. The plant would need quite so much space.

Hostas on the balcony

Hostas plant balcony decorating plants

Fresh leaves Hostas

Hostas plant beautiful leaves garden

The Hostas have to thank the great roots whose extraordinary endurance. Still they would have to be cast but regularly in the summer months. Hostas plants for other reasons are easy to care for.

Very rarely you will be attacked by pests and parasites

Hosta plant leaves garden kitchen

Fancy Hostas leaves with white and green

Hosta plant garden plants decorating

It is advisable to disconnect the old plants after 4 or 5 years. Because, these travels, if they have enough space, very fast. The enclosure should be done best in the early autumn season.

Plant Hostas in the garden

Hostas plant garden plants design ideas

Leather with Hostas , plants in the hospitality industry

The Hostas plant is a delicacy in Japanese cuisine. To use the leaves and also the Anwüchse which appear in the spring. You can be steamed, boiled, ate breaded. Great soups are made of it. You can leave them even for a short time in salt water. Then they are with different sauces or mayonnaise to combine.

The leaves of this plant are used in the kitchen

garden design plant Hosta leaves

Are you familiar with this plant?

Hostas plant leaves garden plant

The flowers of the Hosta are but different and interesting

Hostas plant flowering purple garden figures

The Hostas look nice in the garden

Hostas plants garden design ideas

Worry about the plantain Lily so that it grows longer

Hostas plant planting pot garden plant

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