How Energy Can Be Stored The Qi In Your Kitchen Design

What should you consider as a harmonic kitchen design according to Feng Shui

As we all know, spring is the best time for a fresh start. This wonderful season of flowers, colorful flowers and heady aroma in the air is already there. We all need at least small changes in the own vision or in our apartment, so we feel better and in balance with itself.

Why do you not a cast or even redesign your kitchen? This is the heart of every home. If there is balancing the energy, then it is broadcast on all rooms of your home.

Today, we talk, how to the appropriate arrangement to release the Qi energy in the room. Maybe this will encourage you to one or the other change in your home.

Worry about more order at home

The most important aspect is in this case, you clean the kitchen. The State of the kitchen to the State of their health. In addition, you need plenty of natural light and warm nuances in the kitchen. So you get the pure Qi energy in it.

Modern Feng Shui kitchen design

kitchen design feng shui tips kitchen set up qi energy kitchen island pendant light bar stool

If you have chosen other nuances, you can contact always accents. You can in the form of decorative articles or be integrated even of food products such as fresh fruit.

Introduce fresh herbs in your kitchen design

You can use different herbs in the kitchen.

So it is more convenient, you can opt for Basil, Rosemary, mint and other spices. This should be positioned as openly as possible. The corners are no good place for their growth.

White kitchen design with fresh kitchen herbs

feng shui kitchen white kitchen cabinets kitchen herbs

Clear away unnecessary things in your kitchen design

In the spring and summer, we eat like fresh. Perhaps, you can give away a portion of the products and the items from the kitchen. There are fewer items in this room, the better the Qi energy flows.

Free the view

Get the view from the kitchen and get rid of the various interlocking!

How does your arrangement feels like? You can move around freely, or all the time is something in the way? If the second would be the case for you, you should try to clear away the unnecessary items.

Natural materials and bright colours for the kitchen design according to Feng Shui

kitchen design feng shui wall decoration-white bricks optics vadivel curtains

Provide optimal balance in the room through the proper flow of Qi energy

kitchen design feng shui kitchen of qi energy

Consistent with of course a tasty Japanese tea

kitchen design feng shui facility qi energy teapot Teacup ginger

Rustic meets Feng Shui in white

feng shui qi energy white kitchen design kitchen cabinets rustic kitchen island

White backdrop and light wood

kitchen feng shui qi energy right kitchen design

When the kitchen design on light

completely set kitchen kitchen design feng shui kitchen dining table chairs

Valuable materials and subtle textures

kitchen design feng shui qi energy kitchen island bartheke bar stool cabinets

Rough to the touch and optical size

kitchen design feng shui qi enerige kitchens white kitchen cabinets

Clean lines and smooth surfaces

kitchen design kitchen light wood line up correctly kitchen cabinets kitchen natural materials

Harmonic contrast and fresh green

set kitchen design qi energy of feng shui kitchen red kitchen cabinets wood

Open living plan with robust beams

kitchen design qi energy feng shui kitchen kitchen island open beams

Feng Shui for real minimalists

white kitchen kitchen design modern spherical kitchen cabinets shine metal matt minimalistish

Plenty of light and bright colors

white built-in kitchen design kitchen island kitchen dining table chairs

High gloss and rough brick walls

kitchen design qi energy right kitchens white kitchen furniture

Designer furniture write themselves into your Feng Shui kitchen facilities just perfect one

white modern kitchen kitchen cabinets kitchen design-red designer chairs dining table

Play with textures and shapes

pendant light open modern kitchen design feng shui décor brick wall

Combine neutral colors with fine woods and metals

feng shui design kitchen wooden furniture-bright green accent wall

Openness and daylight ensure the free flow of Qi energy

qi feng shui kitchen design energy flowing wood kitchen Island light