How You Can Make Your Retro Fridge Myself

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Make retro decoration for your fridge with paper labels yourself

The retro refrigerators are currently a strong trend in the kitchen. It costs not a little but. For this reason you should consider good, whether as an investment really worthwhile or not. With matching paper stickers, you can achieve even wonderful results.

When worth the real retro refrigerator?

Well, we know that the retro nature of a refrigerator does not begin with its color. The specialized brands gain real fans with unique designs and other extras.

But that is still not worth buying at a very high price. You need to clarify for themselves which aspect refrigerators most do you like the retro. If it is the color, which is often the case, you can achieve a great effect also with matching paper stickers.

This approach is appropriate in other situations. You can make this a practice test for the design. The retro refrigerators are strong. It may be that they are perceived after a certain period of fascination as too intrusive. By spice it up with paper you can now work on the retro style stickers. This check without large expenditure, if the retro indeed your thing are refrigerators or not rather.

Retro refrigerator of big chill in blue and white

retro refrigerator brand big chill blue white vintage

Conversion ability

Another very important reason for the decoration of the refrigerator with stickers is the cycling ability. You can easily replace the sticker and this fit a new concept the kitchen appliance.

Gain inspiration

While you decide for the best decoration for your fridge, you should draw inspiration above all from already existing models.

First you should get an overview of the authentic refrigerator models.

Then have a look on the current designer models. See how they have been interpreted by the retro models.

Union Jack and SMEG – the classic for real connoisseurs

retro fridge colours unionjack Dalal British

Ultimately you must know well into the various options of the choice of colour of the decorative paper sticker. You don’t want to miss something real matching, or?


Paper stickers
Washing-up liquid
Cutting knife
a dry cloth

Decorating with paper labels in few simple steps

First measure the refrigerator well and so you can determine how much paper stickers you need. If you want to let the metal sign of burn on the surface, then you must cut out before the appropriate body.

With a sponge, you should wash well the places, where the label should be attached. Dry well after that. The clean surface is also a guarantee that your work gives good results.

Rainbow design for your kitchen in retro style

retro fridge Rainbow colours decoration themselves make

Prepare paper stickers

Take a slightly larger piece of paper than the mass of the refrigerator. So, you have a small reserve, if you have measured something not quite right. Place the sticker on the fridge surface without having to disconnect the protective film.

Well, for this part of the work, you could use the help of a second person. Otherwise the paper foil temporarily attach with magnets.

With a pen, you can now draw the exact frame to ultimately cut off the paper. To do this, use the blade. After you have now cut out the labels in the appropriate form and color, you can attach slowly and carefully it on the refrigerator.

Petite, Golden points look particularly great as refrigerator design

retro fridge points decoration themselves make vintage kitchen

retro fridge Golden points make design myself

The fine, white Servis fridge gets colorful points

retro fridge large colorful dots vintage modern kitchen design

Green is also a successful choice for your retro DIY refrigerator

retro refrigerator green circles design vintage themselves make

Light blue is also in this season entirely in the trend

retro fridge light blue vintage trend color kitchen cabinets white

Just as is also baby pink

retro refrigerator-smeg small pink color modern kitchen equipment

This Blackboard design going well your children

retro fridge chalk color Blackboard itself make

Even more points…

retro refrigerator yourself decorate green vintage kitchen points

Or do you prefer more geometric patterns?

retro fridge geometric pattern green white

Funny stickers make for cheerful mood in the kitchen

retro fridge myself fashion label food drinks

If you like it more discreet

white gray geometric patterns make retro fridge myself

Make a trendy Strip with color or film themselves

retro fridge stripes blue white same fashion

Cool Austrahlt for the old refrigerator

retro fridge make vintage design itself

Make a wall of fabric in black and white himself

retro fridge vintage design itself made Plaid

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