IKEA Kitchens 2025 – The Innovative Concept For A Sustainable Future

How could the IKEA look kitchens in the year 2025?

The innovative concept for IKEA kitchens 2025 has been by the Swedish company in collaboration with IDEO and students developed by the Lund University. The leading idea: How old values will receive optimal with the latest technologies in a sustainable manner? This includes clearly the responsible, moderate consumption of water and energy, as well as of course the clever and effective separation of waste. Against all expectations, the kitchen looks so futuristic and automated in 2025, but rather homey and inviting. She has almost a retro taste, given the smooth texture and practical, natural design. At first glance, you don’t realize that this is an innovative cuisine. Then suddenly you realize – there is no stove actually ever! But here there is a miracle table.

IKEA kitchens 2025 concept

ikea kitchens innovative technologies sustainable küchendesign

“A Table for Living” this table was very appropriately and affectionately referred to. Many activities can be executed even while on its smart area. Induction technology the pots are heated in seconds – much more practical and more energy efficient than in the conventional oven. The table plays the role of an intelligent desktop which recognizes food and at the same time tells you the necessary information about the correct preparation and proposes delicious recipe ideas.

The whole process is monitored by means of a camera and allows. And even if you’re just alone with the kids at home, you have the possibility to prepare the food very carefree. The child can be around this time and paint on the smart surface and play. This unusual, interactive table will take care of it also.

A table for living

ikea kitchens innovative Cook Tomato broccoli innovative technology

ikea kitchens innovative design technology sustainability modern kitchen

modern kitchen of ikea kitchens ideas innovative design technology Cook dining table

Very exciting, it looks also at the grocery store. In the innovative kitchen no fridge is at least not the way seeing as we already know it. The goal: The food should be always fresh and visible presence. In the fridge, they remain always hidden and very often spoil in the plastic bags and packaging. So, you can develop no further relationship and appreciation for dinner. So you can see just a few open shelves, in which there are numerous containers instead of refrigerator. These are transparent and at the same time play the role of a storage box, a cooling device, and even a pot where you can heat food again.

The smart alternative to the conventional refrigerator

ikea kitchens innovative technologies by 2025 concept refrigerator

ikea kitchens innovative technologies 2025 modern fridge food of salmon

ikea kitchens innovative technologies 2025 concept food storage refrigerator

A sophisticated water system minimizes water consumption maximum. The waste water is used again when the plant-casting or the dishwasher operation.

An optimum water consumption in the kitchen of the future

ikea kitchens innovative technologies kitchenware sustainable water consumption sink

For an optimal recycling was also provided. The mini garbage cans scan, vacuum packaging and pack all waste of non-organic origin and the organic waste from the kitchen sink is extra sorted, squeezed out of the water, and provided for the disposal in special small packets.

In the IKEA Kitchen concept by 2025 is generally one of the most important laws of nature reflected in: nothing must be wasted! We also hope that as many households as possible soon will have as an innovative, sustainable kitchen and to make their contribution to the environment and to the own health!

Innovative waste separation in every household

ikea kitchens innovative technologies sustainable waste separation consumption

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