Important Kitchen Plans – Designs And Model Kitchens

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Important kitchen floor plans room sink triangular

Important kitchen floor plans

The choice of a kitchen site plan depends on available space and also what for efficiency and comfort you there want. This is the area that is defined by the fridge, hob and sink. A compact triangle limited the distance between this important kitchen objects. If you want to choose the right plan for your home, then put special attention on this triangle, where you will be working with security.

Important kitchen floor plans – L shaped

L-shaped important kitchen floor plans flexible idea design

The most common location is L-shaped. It takes up less space and offers more flexibility between the workspaces. This plan works well if the kitchen is bordered by a loose space.

Luxury L shape – kitchen design

L-shaped important kitchens plans flexible idea Interior

The advantage of an L-shaped kitchen is that the table stands in the middle of the room. This is always a good opportunity for every family to come, to be together there, where the meals are prepared. That attracts the guests to stay, while all talk in the vicinity of the Cook. The kitchen appliances are along the back wall and the refrigerator is on the side wall, which actually makes a good and great triangle.

The kitchen island – design

important kitchen floor plans room kitchen island

The Islands seem the best solution in a L-shaped kitchen, their 3 X 3 m Maßstab is and they also open to another room is designed. To improve the functionality of your kitchen, you create an island, with a stove top or bar stools for a pleasant dinner with friends.

Rural – inspired island

rustic kitchen design compact narrow order

This L-shaped kitchen layout is an island in the middle of the room. This is a good reference if you want to install a large storage room with enough storage space in the kitchen. The island drawers increase storage capacity and the open shelves serve both as an exhibition space, as well as additional storage space.

U- U-shaped kitchen design project Island idea place triangle important kitchen floor plans

Carefully consider the triangle in this master plan. If the devices are too close to each other, you will feel trapped and depressed at the end in the corner. Consider to open the half wall to an adjacent room.

U-shaped kitchenU-shaped kitchen gleaming kitchen chairs dark wood flooring

A u-shaped kitchen allows the Cook to take care of his work, and at the same time to be a part of society in the next room. U-shaped kitchens are ideal for serious cooks, because there are many open shelves, all located coming when baking or cooking a big meal.


compact small narrow kitchen design idea important kitchens design floor plans

The keyword here is: not close in the narrow corridor kitchen! Trying to create space in the vicinity of the most commonly used devices! To create more storage space, you should have a pull-out pantry, a dining Cabinet or an extra pantry next to the kitchen.

Splendid narrow kitchen

Herrlich design kitchen small compact countertop black

Small kitchens, such as 2,40 X 3, 00 m large galleys, are designed only for a single Cook. Of course, cooking for one person is always powerful in this room. The kitchen units along the sides, which facilitates your work in the triangle system. The black polished granite counter tops are ideal for cooking or serving food.


P-shaped kitchen design design idea floor countertop important kitchen floor plans

P i.e. Peninsula stands for the English word peninsula. The P-shaped plan arises from the L – and u-shaped floor plan. It allows an additional work surface in the kitchen without taking much space to complete.

P-shaped floor plan

P-shaped kitchen modern contemporary glittering kitchen furniture

To optimize this 3.90 X 3.30 m building plan, decided the designer to a P-shaped floor plan. The peninsula with the sink and the kitchen cupboards adds additional employment opportunities in the region and provides even more storage opportunities to the u-shaped plan.

Modern kitchen island in Brown and whitekitchen island modern gleaming Braun Holz flooring flower pot

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