Is The Kitchen Island A Must? -30 Kitchen With Cooking Island As Inspiration

kitchen island kitchen with island shapes

The checklist for the kitchen island design

The difficulty in establishing the appropriate kitchen islands is probably in the multi-functional claim. A successful concept of the kitchen must meet at least the following requirements:

It must make a turning and focal point in the room from the kitchen island;
It must be functional;
It must contribute to the work efficiency.
Kitchen with island

kitchen island with extra storage space kitchen with island shapes

A modern kitchen island in the rustic design kitchen

kitchen island with worktop and seating modern kitchen island

A must or an extra?

But we take a step back and ask the next question: the kitchen island is a must or an extra? They shouldn’t have to answer every man for himself. In our opinion, the kitchen island is a must in large kitchens. She could be placed also in smaller rooms. It must not be.

Make your kitchen virtually according to your wishes

kitchen island with seating kitchen with island shapes

If you have a large kitchen, then you should carefully consider the following: where and how big should be the kitchen island, so that it meets the requirements just listed? In addition, the connection to the other facilities must be good.

You can use a practical kitchen island as a dining table

kitchen island kitchen with cooking island and dining area

In a smaller kitchen, the questions that relate to the kitchen island, should be rather “If” and “not how” formulated. It depends on whether the atmosphere through a kitchen island would look better whether the work this is effective; If we can get through the kitchen island to integrate more functions, etc. in the room

Contrast between the wood painted in white and the black granite work surface

rustic kitchen island with worktop and seating

After the decision

The final decision for the integration of a kitchen island is, then we devote ourselves to the parameters of the spread. Here comes another series of questions, which are to answer. You are as follows:

What is the kitchen island used the most?
The main and auxiliary functions should she meet?
How much space can take the kitchen island?
How much and in what way should storage space will be provided in the kitchen island?

In addition to the style, all these parameters should affect the final image of her kitchen island.

With plenty of storage space for books and decorative items

kitchen island made of wood kitchen with cooking Island figures

A beautiful kitchen island hardwood

kitchen island made of solid wood kitchen with cooking Island characters

Easily accessible centrally or equal

Standardly a kitchen island is located in the center of the room. Behind it stands the pursuit that it is equally accessible from all places. Other positions are possible, as soon as this condition is met.

A modern design with mirrored surfaces as an accent

kitchen island with worktop and modern kitchen island

The advantage that comes with a kitchen island

You should ask to make sure, what advantages the kitchen island brings to your room. This aspect overlaps in part with the previous one in our checklist. This is still important: so formulated question, you avoid the risk that you will miss something important.

Modern kitchen island lighting

work surface and seating lighting kitchen island kitchen island

Below, we have accompanied some examples for you, by some explanations:

More working space: You need a kitchen island with a seamless appearance, and less mounting devices. The storage area should be built.
More seats: Here the appliances, as well as the storage space to a minimum should be reduced. You have to can sit quietly so that you have enough room for your knees.
More storage space and installation facilities: Maybe you need more space for the sink and the stove? Then they should take most of the surface of the kitchen island. Side storage shelves can be in this case wonderful place.

Equipped with LED lighting and Dunstabzugshauber

kitchen island with worktop and lighting modern kitchen island


As you can see, the checklist is used to to the kitchen island design, ideal to serve your individual household. Add your own questions and possible types of use.

The colored chairs provide a fresh accent in the grey-and-white kitchen

kitchen island with bar stools modern kitchen island

Classic kitchen

Kitchen island with worktop kitchen with island shapes

A typical summer kitchen

kitchen island with worktop and seating dining table

The black color is very popular nowadays in the kitchen design

cooking island with worktop and kitchen island seating

Refined and very elegant

kitchen island with sink kitchen with cooking Island modern

Chic cooking island in red with an integrated wine rack

kitchen island with built-in wine rack modern kitchen island

Puristic elegance reigns in the kitchen

cooking island with cooktop and seating modern

The island offers a cosy sitting area often

kitchen island with drawers kitchen with cooking Island

With Cabinet for dishwasher

cooking island with sink kitchen with island shapes

Island with sink, which takes up very little space

cooking island with sink and seating modern kitchen island

Island and dining table in a

kitchen island with storage space for cookbooks kitchen design

Still a very practical solution 2 in 1

cooking island and dining table in a modern kitchen island

Portability: kitchen island on wheels

modern kitchen with cooking island on wheels mobile kitchen furniture

Wood island with plenty of storage space

modern kitchen with cooking island wood kitchen

Spacious kitchen in white

modern kitchen with island kitchen

Classic wood island with sink

modern kitchen with island kitchen rustic style

Rattan chairs complete the entire rustic look

modern kitchen with cooking Island practical kitchen

Kitchen in the country house style

modern kitchen with rustic kitchen island

Close, but quite a long kitchen island in high gloss

modern kitchen with cooking island with a large work area

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