Kids In The Kitchen – Hazards Identify And Ban

Planning a kitchen for the home of your own family is an important task in which it is quite a few things to consider. Especially if small children in the household, a kitchen poses numerous danger points that parents should know. Hot Stove tops, sharp knives and cabinet doors and electrical appliances will provide otherwise painful and even life-threatening injuries. In an existing kitchen, as well as when planning a new kitchen area parents however can do much also to protect the health of their children.

What hob for the family kitchen?

The hob is one of the main sources of dangers in the kitchen. In particular the classical ceramic hobs stay hot even after cooking. Small hands of children who come into contact with such a plate, are exposed to great danger. Who still want to use a ceramic stove in your own kitchen, should necessarily make for additional protection. This is possible if front of the hob a grid is situated, that remotely keeps children away from hot areas. During cooking pan handles should show also always the kitchen to the back wall, so that children can not suddenly tear down it.

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Ceramic hobs should be equipped with a secure grid. (Source: Photo Raven (CC0 license) /

Gas hobs are an alternative that more quickly lose their heat after cooking. They are either operated with a gas bottle, or even attached to the gas line of the House. By push of a button, the gas is released on the small jets that is ignited by an electrical pulse. After cooking, parents shut off the gas and the small fire goes out immediately. Relatively quickly, the attachment bars cool what dispels the injury after cooking. However, gas stoves remain dangerous during the cooking time. A child throws a stuffed animal or toy on the gas hob while it is turned on, increases the risk of a dangerous fire. Parents should therefore never leave unattended children, if the gas cooktop is in use.

The modern induction cookers are considered particularly safe for children. Such a hob generates heat only when a pot is on it and is cooling during the rest of the time. Because the heat so very purposefully and directly uses an induction hob, energy can also save and according to the cooking field guide by plana drops also the cooking time. One possible drawback of the acquisition of an induction hob is that ordinary pots and pans can no longer be used. We need induction-suitable Cookware that matches the properties of this Hob. In addition to the cost of the induction hob parents must plan therefore also costs for new pots and pans. The exact mode of operation of an induction hob is explained in the following video.

Danger areas when planning in mind and secure

However, the hob is not the only body that can provide for dangers in the kitchen. Cabinet doors and drawers can provide opening and closing jerky bruises from children’s hands. Therefore it is worth to install fuses after the installation of the kitchen, which combine opening the doors and drawers by clicking on a small security mechanism. It is not possible, to open a Cabinet, which facilitates the storage of dangerous goods children. With increasing age, some children learned quickly how this mechanism works. Here, too, it is therefore recommended to leave their children unattended in the kitchen.

If you’re planning a new kitchen, also should not forget the oven. Flexible cooking in the kitchen is not possible without this large unit, which is why a waiver on it for security reasons is not recommended. Yet parents when planning can provide more safety, if you integrate the oven not underneath the worktop, but earlier. “A risk remains still – when opening the oven door during operation. There’s no reliable protection. An oven in operation should be therefore not left unattended.” (Source: place in your own kitchen is suitable for a highly placed oven, can be decided only individually. Plana, for example, in his kitchen Planner for online use shows that ovens can be integrated in a tall cabinet. The advantage of this placement is not only that children do not have access to the oven door handle. Also for the parents themselves, an increased oven can be useful because it eliminates the strenuous bending over for the removal and insertion of Baking trays.

No prohibited area within the home, the kitchen should be self-evident. Finally, most parents wish you a comfortable family life, in which every Member can know satisfied its own needs. Has an extra area in the kitchen that manages may be because children feel so excluded according to In designing the kitchen, for example, an area of the countertop can be lowered somewhat. Here children have place to paint, play and can MOM or Dad help even when cooking without having to stand on a wobbly stool.

Dangerous kitchen utensils keep safe and place

The right place for sharp knives and pointed metal skewers is not always a drawer, even if it is equipped with a fuse. The kitchen offers plenty of space and an elevated place, a knife block can be useful. It should however, be sure to tilt in any case and far enough from the edge of the work surface is provided. If you’re just planning the own kitchen, can install also magnetic strips on the back wall of the working surface, where knives are hung in kindersicherer height.

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A magnetic strip helps the child-safe storage of knives. (Source: condesign (CC0 license) /

Parents make best big enough to have sufficient space for electrical appliances to the work surface in the kitchen. Coffee machine, toaster or microwave, also not be in most households after their use in the closet, so they should be as far away as possible from the edge of the countertop. For small electrical appliances and those that are not commonly used, it is worth to integrate an extra drawer with safety in the kitchen. Here equipment can then how

the Blender,
the food processor,
the electric grater
or also the deep Fryer

be accommodated.

Finally, it needs a safe place in the kitchen for cleaning agents. Spray bottles, tubes and jars with dangerous substances can provide serious injury when taking or in contact with skin and eyes. It is best to place cleaner in a locked box as far up, or to integrate also a lockable cupboard in the kitchen.

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