Kitchen Accessories – Tips For The Use Of Aluminium Foil

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10 great tips for the use of aluminium foil at home

1 sharpening

Do you have a pair of scissors that cuts no longer good? If you take the aluminum foil and cut a short distance it ten times, then everything is fine again! After the last time, you must be careful though! Because you could cut yourself. She’s already sharp enough.

Kitchen accessories – the star in the kitchen – the aluminum foil

kitchen accessories aluminum foil use tips and tricks scissors sharpening

2. energy saving laundry ironing

You can place aluminum foil with the shiny side down. It could then lay a bed sheet. If you now press the foil will reflect the heat and iron will happen at the same time virtually of both sides.

3. washing of pots

If it goes well with anything, you can remove the most stubborn pieces of dirt through a piece of aluminum foil.

Easy to clean burnt pans with aluminum foil

kitchen accessories aluminum foil use pot washing

Scrub the oven plate

utensils aluminum foil use tips and tricks cleaning with aluminium foil

4. cover the oven when baking

When you fry something, you can cover the oven with aluminum foil. Then, clean up virtually only on the Exchange is reduced.

Aluminum foil in the oven

utensils aluminum foil In the oven tips and tricks

Cooking and grill with aluminum foil

utensils aluminium foil grilling utensils

5. end with a bad smell from the refrigerator

You have to cover just once with plastic, and once with aluminium foil products. So, you will avoid the bad smell, but also the humidity.

6. what page?

If you wrap products, you should remember the following: the shiny side should be applied to them.

Aluminium foil in use

kitchen accessories aluminum foil use idea kitchen utensils

7. cut fruits easily store

You have to cut off an Apple and want to but won’t let them in the fridge? Then, you should wrap it in a foil and allow somewhere, even outside of the refrigerator.

8. with aluminium foil to prepare sweets

You can create a cone made of the aluminum foil for multiple use. You can make therefore, including great candy.

Make a funnel made of aluminum foil

utensils aluminum foil use funnel tips and tricks

If the nut or the bolt in a construction not very good fit, then you should wrap these 9 with aluminum foil. Thus were the pressure increase. Everything will be fixed then.

10 nothing will drip at home.

You can simply cover the holes with aluminum foil and prevent dripping. Thus, you will achieve great results.

Help with barbecue

utensils aluminum foil use tips and tricks kitchen

So you can sharpen your grater also

kitchen accessories aluminum foil use tips and tricks friction

Prepare eggplants in the oven of Bach

kitchen accessories aluminum foil Aubergine Grill with aluminum foil

The aluminium foil plays an important role even outside the kitchen

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