Kitchen Back Wall – Great Design Ideas For A Striking Kitchen Look

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When you design your design concept for a new and modern kitchen, there are many big and small things to consider. They play a significant role in the overall kitchen design. Of course, the first thing you need to do is determine the style of furnishing that you have chosen for your kitchen. Then you will have to plan many more aspects of the kitchen equipment after a long deliberation. Of course, this is the talk of all the kitchen furniture and appliances that you want in your kitchen. It continues from your kitchen cabinets, open shelves and kitchen appliances. But there are smaller things that you have to think about too, without a doubt the back of the kitchen. This can contribute much to a striking kitchen look. The visual design and choice of materials for a trendy kitchen back wall largely dictate the overall design of your kitchen. In today’s post, we’ve collected great photo examples that follow right away.

The well designed kitchen back wall immediately attracts all attention

cool ideas for kitchen back wall

The kitchen back wall not only has a purely practical function, for example to ensure the best splash protection in the cooking and washing area of ​​the modern kitchen. Yes, the goal is, your wall will never look splashed or dirty. But the kitchen back wall also has an important aesthetic function. In most cases, it determines the look of the entire room.

With different materials, colors and arrangements you can make the overall design of your kitchen with a striking kitchen back wall even more appealing and maybe even break many clichés that are still valid. To help you with the design of your new kitchen, we have put together these 25 fantastic design ideas for attractive kitchen back wall. As you’ll see, there are a number of different things you can do, or at least consider, to give your kitchen a modern and unique look. Stay tuned and be inspired by our picture gallery on trendy kitchen designs.

Tiles in different sizes and patterns, but in the same color palette make up the attractive kitchen back wall

Attractive kitchen back wall ideas

  • Rustic, vintage and a bit opulent can be the kitchen back wall

The vintage style is gaining more and more followers and its popularity is growing daily. If all rustic appeal to you as well, then you can demonstrate your favorite style in the kitchen.

Visually emphasize the position of the sink

Kitchen back wall rustic

In the photo example shown above, the white kitchen enriched by creamy-beige and shows a sublime vintage touch. By matching fabrics of the chair covers and lampshades, one has skilfully set accents that are in visual harmony with the kitchen back wall. The next two pictures also show vintage-style kitchen splashbacks that speak for opulence throughout the room. With such a back wall design, you can easily display your style and taste and determine the overall look of the room.

The place above the stove is eyecatching designed

Kitchen back wall ideas

Colorful tiles in different patterns provide visual dynamics here

Colorful tiles kitchen rear wall optical dynamics

  • The sophistication of the modern kitchen rear wall

We also want to show you examples of modern kitchen splashbacks, where the sophistication of kitchen design comes to the fore. Very popular in such kitchens are tiles that have long since been laid and expand the dimensions of the back wall.

The eye-catching look of the horizontally laid tiles is broken. The place behind the sink immediately stands out thanks to the vertical tiles

Modern ideas for the kitchen back wall

You can make a statement through the back wall and attract many curious looks. The next two pictures illustrate this.

This kitchen back wall is so attractive that it can not go unnoticed

Attractive kitchen back wall

On the back wall you can see a great picture, which enhances the entire kitchen

Kitchen back wall

But there are many other options available for an attractive kitchen back wall in the modern kitchen. Of course, what you choose depends on your overall design concept, personal style and individual taste.

Even a mosaic can be so stylish

Kitchen back wall mosaic

…. and bring the kitchen look to a higher level

Modern kitchen back wall ideas

  • Monochrome, two-tone or in contrast?

Many interior designers have lately been of the opinion that a plain kitchen looks rather boring. It would be better to choose two complementary colors, which belong to the same color palette, or one relies on the visual contrast. Both options are popular and lead to excellent results in the design of the back wall in the kitchen.

The monochrome must not be boring!

attractive back wall kitchen

These green glass tiles form the visual contrast and bring a fresh note

modern kitchen ideas

Tone-in-tone you have designed the worktop and back wall

Worktop kitchen back wall

The dark brown tiles contrast with the white kitchen cabinets

white kitchen cabinets

White on white in contrast to the chocolate brown kitchen cabinets

White tiles back wall white countertop

Everything knows – yes, that works too, only the dark wooden floor emits a lot of heat

kitchen back wall modern ideas

Kitchen back wall Tiles in a zigzag pattern visually define the cooking area

Kitchen back wall tiles zig-zag

Smooth and shiny is the modern kitchen!

Modern kitchen kitchen rear wall

Here are some more examples that show you glamorous and very stylish kitchen back wall designs. Some are so fancy, they can even leave us speechless. Enjoy their charm and be inspired for your own kitchen designs!

The tone-in-tone design is classic and simply timeless

Back wall kitchen kitchen rear walls

The files on the station could also be refreshed by a mosaic picture

Kitchen back wall mosaic picture

On a limited wall you try to make something special

small kitchen back wall

The built-in lighting provides additional visual effects

Pictures rustic kitchen design ideas

A spacious, country-style kitchen looks the same

Kitchen country style

Some opulence must radiate the kitchen, right?

creative kitchen back wall design ideas

The light green tiles on the back wall complete the chic look of this modern kitchen

Modern kitchen kitchen rear wall

Gray back wall tiles in the well-known zig-zag pattern fit perfectly with the glossy stainless steel surfaces of the kitchen appliances

Gray back wall tiles

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