Kitchen Block From LEGO And Life-size Designer LEGO Figures

LEGO stones kitchen block from legends East a DIY creative kitchen island

Kitchen renovation and designer projects Legostücken

Have you played in your younger or perhaps not so young years with LEGO? Or maybe have children and have taught the preference for these jobs and are now the topic centers?

Certainly, LEGO has not been forgotten. At least not when the Parisian designers that we present to you today. It is Simon Pillard and Phelippe Rosetti. You have proved that LEGO kitchen equipment by their chromatic Munich. Clearly the message behind it, we have discovered on Freshideen: you’re never too old for the Legospielen.

One served as the basis of the project IKEA Kitchen. It had used more than 20 000 Legostücke.  For the completion, both designers needed more than a week. The results of the effort has paid off however. As a result created a gorgeous, eye-catching design.

Kitchen block from LEGO

LEGO bricks kitchen figures DIY creative wood flooring

It has integrated additional pieces in the kitchen design.  Particularly noteworthy is the kitchen block from LEGO , which here has integrated. This is characterised by ample patterns which were created from molded plastic or metal.

The project includes additional kitchen accessories. What do you think of the cookie jar with the Legomännchen?

Decoration and design from LEGO in kitchens

LEGO bricks kitchen block from legends East a DIY Reativ

We look at this design from a practical perspective. Until then, you will find out probably whether to bother with such a DIY worth project or not. The first reason, which you could do something like that is that you love super LEGO and his colorful world. When it comes to having such pieces, which you would otherwise throw away, it is also environmentally friendly. If you have children, it will help that they like to do something in the kitchen, and maybe you can teach those that they prepare there own healthy food.

The bright colors are the mood and appetite increase – something that modern kitchen designers certainly seek

figures DIY creative kitchen design kitchen block from LEGO

Because only you have mood to cook longer and therefore healthier and to organize great parties with friends. You can apply this project really wonderfully well fitted kitchens, don’t you find?

Would be doing so trust a DIY project? We have encouraged you to give new life and meaning another game from your childhood as a DIY?


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