Kitchen Buying Made Easy: Tips For The Kitchen Furniture, Connections And Ergonomics

Planning a kitchen is a major challenge. Not only the design must agree. You should pay your attention to materials, equipment, appliances, and much more. In this guide, you will find useful tips that will help you put together your dream kitchen.

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The inner workings of the kitchen cabinets

Until a few years ago, it was still usual that crockery, saucepans and co. in kitchen cupboards with shelves and side-opening doors were kept. But this type of kitchen furniture proved permanent impractical, ergonomically questionable and space-consuming. Today, there are much better solutions. The following list draws attention to beneficial features:

Excerpts: Extracts in the form of drawers in kitchen cabinets facilitate the everyday life enormously. The drawers allow access to the contents of cabinets from above, which massively improves the operation. You must no longer struggling to get to a pot in the rear of a Cabinet, but can comfortably to access. Excerpts are also ergonomically positive.
Separator bars: No matter whether cover pots, pans or plastic containers: lid fall down like within kitchen cupboards and regularly cause a mess. To counteract this, cutting rods can be integrated, that hold everything together and allow a sort.
Carousel: To exploit efficiently to inaccessible storage space in lower and upper cabinets and to get well to the content in corners, roundabouts are perfect. You can be, turned making the required utensil just comes to you, instead of that you have to resort to awkward after that.

That extracts, separator bars and carousels are ideal for storing kitchen utensils are, among others, the shows internationally well-known furniture store IKEA. In kitchen equipment and kitchen utensils with a good price performance ratio, the Möbelschwede is one of the leading manufacturers. In the following video, the company vividly shows what benefits can have facilities of kitchen furniture in everyday life:

If you have no IKEA furniture store nearby, almost everything you can also online order. But before the IKEA online shop is operated, it can be worthwhile to visit coupon sites like GutscheinPony. There is also attractive coupons for other furniture stores in addition to vouchers for the Swedish retailer.

Correctly determine working height

A kitchen should not only look good, but spare the health. This is first and foremost with a correct working height. Only if the work surface in the kitchen is at the correct height, back and muscles when you prepare food can be beautiful. To determine the optimal height for you face and initially upright. The lower arms bend now so, that upper and lower arms make a right angle. Slightly lower the arms and position them so how you would position them also when working in the kitchen, for example, to cut a tomato. The forearms should then not completely horizontal, but down easily fall off from the elbow. Maximum 15 cm should be between forearm and countertop. A second person should measure with a tape measure to your elbows the distance from the floor. Then deduct from this amount between 10 and 15 centimeters and have the ideal working height for your kitchen. Several people in the kitchen, work must be the height of all residents in the measured and calculated a cut. Usually it is advisable a tolerance to plan the main user. Whether this tolerance range is five centimeters, or 10 cm higher than the main user, depends on the body size of all persons.

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Equipment and water supply

When planning the kitchen, electrical appliances and sink play a central role. So that in the end everything works smoothly, the positioning of cooker, fridge, sink, dishwasher and co. must agree. While electrical appliances require a power supply , a water connection must be at the sink. Therefore the connections must be included in the plan. Electrical appliances such as an oven or a microwave oven, it is advisable to seek a position on working height. So need to bend down much less and relieve your back. The installation height is depending on the body size between 55 and 165 cm.

By the hearth, a slightly deeper placement compared to the other working surface is advisable. Finally, the pots for cooking are high and require an elevated position of the arms in traditional placement. To relieve this, it is useful a few centimetres deeper to install the stove, visible as shown in the following image:

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Materials for kitchen fronts

Finally, we want to point out on the pros and cons of various materials for kitchen fronts . We have summarized this tabular form:


-natürlicher character


-Design flexibility

-Depending on the surface more intensive care than other materials

-expensive depending on the quality of wood


-matte and gloss surfaces in all

NCS or RAL colours possible

-schicke optics

Varnishes can flake off in bad processing or long-term use

-high gloss fronts are quickly visible fingerprints, and the like.



moisture resistant


-Leicht to wipe

Grease and dust left their mark



-vielfältige designs such as stone or wood look


-heat-resistant not to 100%

-no natural material


-glatte interface

tube as glass or lacquered surfaces

-also send

-elektrostatische boot (will strongly attract dirt)

-empfindlich to scratches


economically useful natural material

linseed oil, wood flour and natural resin

-angenehme touch





-often more expensive than comparable

-spannende variety (aluminium,

Corten steel, crude steel, sheet metal)




alert sensitive to scratches and greasy residues

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The collection of pros and cons is very coarse, which, should serve only as a guide and give you an overview. You have opted for a group of materials such as wood, you must make that more decisions. In the sector of wood fronts, a distinction is made between HPL, chipboard and MDF and solid wood and real wood fronts.

For more tips and suggestions on the subject of kitchen, see our articles on kitchen design, and Setup examples for pitched roof.

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