Kitchen Cabinets And Shelves For Minimalist Furnishing Concepts

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Minimalism began as a style in the field of architecture and later became an important term in design. Since then he plays incessantly a very important role in the interior. Meanwhile, one even speaks of the lifestyle”minimalism”.
With regard to the kitchen equipment this is particularly relevant. Focusing on well-selected, healthy foods increases the quality of life quickly. The economical storage space, especially the practical kitchen cabinets and shelves, are of key importance here.

The effective wood look will steal the show and distract from ineffections

brown and black kitchen cabinets

Effective open kitchen cabinets and shelves steal the show

The main argument against the open kitchen cabinets and shelves is the visible disorder. Not everyone can clean up and clean up in everyday life, so that the open concept is appealing. But this is not really a big problem when the minimalist storage space is created from an effective material.

If they steal the show, attention is diverted from disorder and other imperfections.

Simple kitchen shelves encourage creativity in the decorative design

colorful kitchen cabinets

Show everything from its most beautiful side

Packaging, boxes of food, dishes and spices are not only useful, but they can also be decorative. Buy less of it and pay attention to the aesthetics. Show everyone the beautiful plates and cups you really love. Treat yourself to great packaging for the spices, which you can refill several times. Be creative when spicing up the storage space. Other items, such as flower vases, pictures and books with culinary themes, etc., could also find a place here.

DIY kitchen shelves are not suitable for stylish design? Who said that?

diy open kitchen shelf from hanger

DIY storage space

Take advantage of the many DIY ideas for storage available on the net that can replace traditional kitchen cabinets and shelves. Minimalism also means to live sustainably, so to throw away as little as possible. Stylish self-made solutions for storage space are also a wonderful way for the individualization of the kitchen space.

Industrial and ultramodern – this is how this kitchen concept works and offers plenty of storage space

effective modern combination kitchen cupboards and shelves

Make for rough aesthetics

The rough aesthetics became more important in the heyday of the industrial style. She is just right for the minimalist kitchen interior. Kitchen cabinets and shelves in this style can be very effective. In the picture above, they serve as a great background, in front of which the small flower pots with edible vegetables come to their best advantage.

The rough aesthetics have a significant impact on modern kitchen trends

wood open kitchen shelves in front of white back wall

Let the storage space in the wall disappear

Bright white kitchens with brilliant white storage space. How does that sound to you? Certainly that has many advantages and disadvantages. Among the first one can count the fact that they become virtually invisible. This makes the room wider and there are also interesting visual effects. The objects on top of them could seem like floating, just like this is the case here.

Do you want to make kitchen shelves invisible? Choose the right color!

in the wall vanishing kitchen shelves modern kitchen

Minimalism and diversity

The minimalist approach to storage space design can be very diverse. That is why it is often preferred for practical reasons. Such kitchen cabinets and shelves can be adapted to the conditions of small or unconventional rooms. This advantage and the ability to achieve a custom look with a small investment make it so popular. Would one of the proposed ideas also be good in your kitchen?

Minimalism and sustainable living belong together. So also the neutral and natural colors!

wooden kitchen cabinets

Kitchen shelves with stylish design and content. Simple but upscale, right?

kitchen corner open kitchen shelves

These kitchen cabinets ideally use the wall surface of this tricky floor plan

kitchen furniture kitchen cabinets white and brown

Despite the neutral colors, these storage areas are a real highlight!

kitchen niches with kitchen cabinets and an open shelf
kitchen cabinets over open shelves great combination

The objects seem to float on these neutrally designed shelves

kitchen cupboards and shelves combo
Kitchen cabinets and shelves modern concept
kitchen shelves effective use of space idea
Kitchen shelves in an open small kitchen

This open kitchen furniture lives from the shine and the neutrality

kitchen cabinets kitchen furniture metal
kitchen shelves open wood
kitchen shelves cabinets white
modern kitchen furniture in white kitchen cabinets and shelves
modern kitchen furniture kitchen cabinets and shelves
modern kitchen furniture upper shelves
open kitchen shelves brown against a white wall

Through an open storage concept you can also spread Mediterranean flair

open kitchen cabinets kitchen furniture white and blue
open kitchen cabinets minimalist
open shelf minimalist kitchen
open wooden shelves tile wall
sturdy wooden shelves open modern concept

In this concept of kitchen cupboards and shelves everything speaks for peace and nature

Silver-kitchen shelf and-cabinets
wall kitchen furniture storage area
white and brown kitchen cabinets

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