Kitchen Cabinets Labels – How Can Old Frontages Light Renew

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kitchen cabinets use of foil black kitchen fronts renew

Self-adhesive films conjure up a great effect in the kitchen

Kitchen fronts in the years need a fresh renewal. If the signs of time are already visible, but are your kitchen cabinets still good, you need a clever solution. The films for furniture, in our case for kitchen fronts here to help. That would be a cheap way to give your kitchen a makeover. We have already presented to you the alternative . This time, allow the old fronts on the map instead of exchanging them and cover them with foil in an any hint of color.

Kitchen cabinets cover selbstklebbende films in various shades -, matt or glossy

polymeric adhesive coloured Matt gloss kitchen fronts renew

Design foils can transform your old kitchen in a modern ambience. Don’t believe it, then look to the next example. Who knows not the color pattern of Piet Mondrian? I personally am a big fan and would like to design my kitchen.

Patterned tape after the Mondrian rationale

adhesive Mondrian kitchen fronts renew

Kitchen cabinets cover and modernise

kitchen cabinets use of foil Mondrian kitchen fronts renew

Here you can find unique skins like this

kitchen cabinets use of foil Manifaktur kitchen fronts renew

By self-adhesive films, you can use Frabakzente and give a special charm to your kitchen. Since you yourself determine the design, you can create a modular configuration to suit your own taste. Every kitchen cabinet door can be covered in a different color (or pattern). For example, you could easily create a checkerboard. The image below the color slides are freely arranged and taped up. The effect is nevertheless impressive.

Fashion coloured frontages

kitchen cabinets pasting with foil accents kitchen fronts renew

Delicate pink or relaxing green, films are available in numerous shades

kitchen cabinets sticking adhesive Foliein delicate pink kitchen fronts renew

kitchen cabinets kitchen cabinets use of foil green Matt kitchen fronts renew

Island kitchen with wooden look and fresh color accents in green

kitchen cabinets use of adhesive tape Fürküchenfronten renew

You might think that you do hard with the gluing of films? But that’s not true. You should be a professional or have lots of experience really good to be able to paste over with films. Of course, it helps if you’re good with your hands, but it’s also enough to comply with the instructions and proceed with patience.

Renew kitchen cabinets with yellow adhesive tape

kitchen cabinets use of foil yellow accents kitchen fronts renew

1 step – the kitchen cabinets should be prepared

Always clean the surface from dirt, dust and grease. A commercially available detergent will perfectly solve the task. Unscrew the handles of the doors. It is recommended to remove also the fronts.

2 step – is prepared it according to the type of film, also to the pasting.

Some films consist of 2, other 3 layers. Some are wet glued and other wet application is prohibited. Best you find films with the innovative “bubble-free” technology. Cut the foil slightly larger than the Cabinet front, which is glued.

3 step – the bonding process

Here, the backing paper is replaced that the foil gradually (piece by piece) is pasted, without they create air bubbles. This isn’t the first time you peel off easily film, to eliminate the bubble. Here it is: “Practice makes perfect”

Kitchen wall cabinets color refresh

kitchen cabinets use of adhesive tape for kitchen fronts renew

Freshly pasted kitchen cabinets in glossy finish

kitchen cabinets kitchen cabinets use foil shiny red kitchen fronts renew

Washi tape in use – is still a creative idea for old kitchen shelves

kitchen cabinets kitchen shelf labels kitchen foil, Washi tape dots pattern

Tips and tricks from the experts

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