Kitchen Countertops And The Five Best Suitable Materials As Well As The Granite

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kitchen worktops granite black kitchen island zinc materials

Materials for kitchen worktops: 5 alternatives to the granite, more

Certainly, there are granite and quartz of the most appropriate choice for kitchen surfaces. But they’re not for everyone. Before you but access to these mainstays, drag the alternatives into consideration also.


It’s an old material, which is experiencing a comeback. It shows a soft, matte look that develops a grey layer of rust with time. The plasticity is another main feature. Zinc is a soft metal, which brings to the fore the details.

On the other hand, zinc is very expensive. So if the rest is not so important, you drag the stainless steel into consideration. It’s a much cheaper solution.

Here we see a beautiful hammered zinc surface

kitchen worktops granite or zinc kitchen design

Advantages: Be non-porous and antibacterial. Its soft structure helps ensure that you can easily shape it.

Contrast: Light verkratzbar and can break under hot vessels

This is the solution most appropriate for you, if you would like to have a metal surface with patina.


This an another, hot metal. This is one of the softest materials for kitchen countertops and is susceptible to bumps. So it may be that this is best for a much used surface wasn’t there.

This kitchen island here of super works

kitchen worktops granite or zinc kitchen Palanen Setup ideas

But the softness of the material makes editing very easy and you can provide them with characters so quite beautiful forms. But always make sure that the Tin you use contains no lead before use.

Advantages: Can be easily edited and are shaped to fit well to severe forms and you can edit the details beautiful.

Disadvantages: Vulnerable to bumps and sometimes there is a bleach content. In addition, this material is relatively expensive.

This is the best good for you if you want to have many details on the work surface.


Slate, which is mostly used for the ground, is often overlooked as a way for the kitchen countertops. The certainly poorly. Because this solution is cheap, porous, lasts long and looks just once.

I love the Green slate surface here

kitchen worktops granite or Tin interior design ideas kitchen

Black works very well with this material

kitchen worktops granite or of slate kitchen island ideas

Advantages: No pores, long and not very expensive

Cons: Limited selection of colors

This is a good solution for you, if you love earthy nuances

Recycled aluminium

One stud this material with a saturated polyester resin and thus creates a deep and interesting appearance of the material. This Green and sustainable material bears witness to classic and opaque options.

It is produced in a similar manner to the solid surface materials

kitchen worktops granite or aluminum wood kitchen

Advantages: Recycled, Green materials

Cons: Limited color palette

This is the right choice for you, if you are looking for a material which requires all to care much.


A classic vintage material provides an interesting choice kitchens nowadays. It’s a green choice, made from linseed oil and sawdust. It is not very expensive. It is available in more than 100 colors. It creates a warm touch, the whole thing is of course unbakteriell, antistatic, persistently and easy to repair.

Linoleum surfaces can be rolled and you can either a current and appealing appearance which by brass, like this is the case or wood

linoleum kitchen worktops granite work surface materials living ideas

Advantages: Color and patterns, DIY advanced and green, natural materials, possibilities, antibacterial and antistatic.

Disadvantages: Can be damaged through to high heat

Good for you, if: want to create a natural, sustainable surface and your budget is restricted. To integrate very well into vintage kitchen.

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