Kitchen Design – Atemberaubernde Work Areas In The Kitchen

cuisine kitchen island red design

Kitchen design – the best work ranges from acrylic stone

Today we want to attract again the topic of kitchen design . In this respect, we want to say a few words by the innovative acrylic stone HI-MACS. It is manufactured by the company LG HAUSYS. It is antiseptic and can easily come in contact with other products. After a short time, the acrylic stone most consumers became popular. Acrylic emerged as one of the most popular materials of the present and the future. Through its plastic appearance, it is also very suitable for creating absolutely fantastic work surfaces.

1 Futurism of the luxury class

The Paxton man Design Studio aims to it always, to go beyond the usual scope. You can create absolutely unique products.

Also this kitchen here provokes the imagination and breaks all laws of physics due to its unique shape

kitchen design workspace modern innovative

2. the island of joy

Bright and joyful this cake island of Iceland is pure. It was created by the designer Adraina Tihon. It combines the elegance and the innovations in a wonderful way.

Energetic and saturated nuances attract the look of people

kitchen design ideas kitchen island design

3. space ship in the kitchen

The incursion here thanks to Xavier Bonte. The project is called “the sky is the limit”.

With the speed of light, a kitchen with everything you need can be from this spaceship

kitchen design kitchen island spaceship design

4. on the border of two eras

In this example it has managed to combine classical and innovative moves.

It combines thus the past and the present

kitchen design attractive kitchen island design

5. the spirit of nature

This one seems to have followed the designer of the company of Atvangarde surfaces.

Irina Stoica was inspired by nature and has at least caused modern avant-garde

modern kitchen island design sheet

6 ideal simplicity

The description of the minimalist design acrylic stone par excellence. So the example from this picture also.

White kitchen

kitchen design kitchen island plain

7 original functionality

This kitchen surface is called Kantoorloft and was produced by the Studio Melis Interior. You are distinguished by their rich red color and the unusual rounded shapes.

This remains the beauty not on the route in addition to the functionality

cuisine kitchen island red design

8 soft lines

In this example, you see the kitchen island from acrylic stone of company of A01 architects. She slowly goes over to a lunch.

There a large family as well as a few friends fit wonderfully

kitchen island modern original design

9. the wave of minimalism

The unusual kitchen of the Studio DODK draws attention by its futuristic forms.

Also seen a very elegant s in this case form with soft lines and pure white color

kitchen island design minimalist white

10 clear lines

Here is another example, which passes the kitchen island at a dining table. But instead of round here straight lines predominate.

I can’t believe that you can beat both acrylic stone, or?

inspiring kitchen island design white