Kitchen Design Ideas And Trends 2017

The hottest trends in kitchen design, we should take by the year 2016

The end of 2016 is fast approaching and it is time for conclusions and balance sheets. Let us look back at this point and discuss what there was in this year’s hot trends and decide what we all in the next year 2017 can take from it.

The year’s trends include many interesting ideas of hidden devices in the sense of a seamless look of to bold use of colors for more zest for life.

Kitchen design ideas and trends

food design ideas small kitchen set kitchen furniture wood

We have also learned that the use of design elements already known, including classic trends, nothing on renewal and innovation in design prevents.

This is a lesson that we should also consider at the end of the year.

Kitchen design in two colors

The monochrome kitchen design, is a big risk even in two of the most modern colors, but the designers have shown that this can work very well.

Out of boredom, but wonderfully, she can be reached by the change in materials. The application of different textures reached new and new combinations. The pairs of “warm” and “sober” is particularly popular, such as tiles and wood.

Color ideas for the latest trends

kitchen design ideas kitchen cabinets Mint grey color ideas

Hidden functional facilities

For a seamless look, the pursuit has become increasingly popular in recent years. It so much comfort and cosiness brings, that you could spread this modern simplicity practically on all walks of life. Until before several seasons kitchen related almost exclusively to the, we decided now more and more to spread the seamless look on all living areas. Now, we find the hidden functional facilities also in the kitchen, where even oven and fridge in a Cabinet or another piece of furniture are hidden. This facilitates of course the open planning, that connects the kitchen to living room or other setting.

Good design and function combine

kitchen design ideas of kitchen furniture drawer extra storage space

Let come up with practical ideas

kitchen design ideas kitchen furniture storage cabinet

Wood, wood and more wood

Your kitchen can be ultra-modern and yet include wood – 2016 we have learned this from the latest kitchen trends. This material is environmentally friendly, adaptable and can come with almost every any interior design. It expresses our longing in large part to a natural way of life even in the fast everyday.

Dark wood plays an important role and is often preferred because of its upscale looks at all the possible colour variations.

Wooden kitchen furniture are completely in line with the trend

Rustic kitchen in solid wood

food design design ideas rustic kitchen design wood moebel

Mixing modern kitchen appliances and surfaces

Kitchen appliances and surfaces in different styles – it’s 2016 very often in modern kitchens. We had never been so a great variety. This is beautiful and offers even more possibilities in the framework of the seamless and monochrome style.

Glossy accents give the kitchen a modern character

kitchen design ideas kitchen furniture design pendant light copper color

Real granite

Granite is the other real highlight by 2016 in addition to wood, but he should be real. The artistic imitations, as well they should be, are no longer in.

Kitchen worktop granite

kitchen design ideas modern kitchen island kitchen furniture

Small kitchen cabinets

We got’s 2016 very well to use as few things in our kitchen design and it is quite important that we keep doing it. So let us concentrate on the essentials and make us feel relaxed. It seems that we us in a way to keep pace with this trend, by applying more and more small, but very nice designed kitchen cabinets.

Keep everything you need in the drawers under the sink

kitchen design design ideas kitchen cabinets storage sink

The personality of its own in the interior design search and express – which has been 2016 remain important. There have been many steps in this direction. How do we build now 2017 it?

Modern kitchen with concrete design

Creative solutions that can be adapted to individual requirements

küchendesign ideas wooden wall virtually mobile

Simple design in black and white

For more inspiring kitchen design ideas you scroll down

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