Kitchen Design Ideas: What Is Currently Particularly In Kitchens?

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kitchen design ideas fitted kitchens trends kitchens up-to-date kitchen furniture

The following is now currently in kitchens…

The first half by 2015 is around. Let us consider now in retrospect what is current in the kitchens. What has brought this year but actually new us? First, one can say that the kitchen not only for cooking there is.

Kitchen design ideas and examples in the modern style

kitchen design black kitchen countertop trends kitchens up-to-date

Currently, the kitchen is a multifunctional room, which for this there is to serve many different purposes. You can prepare great meals in this that are worth for a restaurant. At the same time, you have the possibility to take care of the entertainment of the guests. So, a kitchen must be current!

How to reach it? Here are some simple steps which could be useful in this regard.

Concrete look and chic wood accents

modern kitchen trends up-to-date kitchen cabinets and kitchen island

Flash colors

This is a trend that is there for several years. It is however in the kitchens now than ever before. Now comes also lot of variety in the manner how to so. You could equip large parts of the kitchen or even the entire front area to. Alternatively means this trend but also that you should spare no punches, to use some bold nuances in unexpected places. By 2015, the contrasts are also currently in the kitchens.

The bright kitchen is as always in vogue

red kitchen planning kitchen design trends kitchens up-to-date

Here is a special idea: want to do renew not the cabinet doors in the kitchen while you keep the body? Why not do it in bright shades? If you want to stay on the safe side with your experiments, then you remember the following: bold nuances can be through great light just right feel neutral.

Select kitchen cabinets in a fresh color

kitchen design modern kitchen planning trends kitchens up-to-date

Industrial luminaires

If you currently have the kitchen, then would have to think necessarily on good lighting there. So you get the best prerequisites for entertainment and the evening get-together with friends and family.

Kitchen furniture industrial style

kitchen design kitchen planning trends kitchens up-to-date industrial style

Industrial lighting offers all of this. In addition, it represents exactly the design, which by 2015 up to date and innovative works in the kitchens. Do not discard this idea! By the way, it offers more variety than most to think people.

Bricksteinwand in white painted as kitchen back wall

kitchen design, IKEA Kitchen trends kitchens up-to-date Scandinavian design

To find something really modern, you would have to respect the following elements:

Black metal;
Stainless steel;
Wire mesh there, where there had been a Lampshade in the classical case.
Clear glass and old fashioned light bulbs;
Copper or brass;
Rivets and other industrial chains.

Industrial kitchen island

If you want that your kitchen is currently also the kitchen island in this style could help much more in addition to the industrial lighting. This fashion has above all to owe the famous shows.

Kitchen island made of wood and metal with plenty of storage space

rustic kitchen planning kitchen design trends kitchens up-to-date

Rustic accents everywhere

cheap kitchen planning kitchen design trends kitchens up-to-date

Carried out also in this style, the kitchen island remains the Centre of the modern kitchen. The industrial style contributes even more emphasis on the functionality. Now it has too many models that are characterized by their mobility. They can be moved from place to place and are good to use in spaces, which require ergonomic solutions.

Enjoy the natural friendship between the wood and the concrete

kitchen design ideas wood kitchen planning trends kitchens up-to-date

If we are ever in the kitchen islands, we want to make other attention on something. The kitchen island has a new job in the current context. She also has a decorative value and complement the appealing impression.

It all depends on the effectiveness

When it comes to kitchen currently, then it’s up to the effectiveness of just. Above all means the appropriate arrangement of the shelf systems. Everything has to be easily accessible and reach. You should have, all at a glance in kitchens, which are currently capable of.

Practical cupboards

kitchen design kitchen planning trends kitchens up-to-date kitchen cabinets

Vertical kitchen shelves are always current in this context

kitchen planning trends up-to-date kitchen cabinets

Elegant kitchen island

kitchen design modern kitchen trends kitchens up-to-date

Luxury kitchen floor

Kitchen floors made of luxury materials are always current. You are also a novelty that is now to watch. Porcelain is often used. Shine and great patterns are a must.

Shiny surfaces

kitchen design kitchen island industrial style trends kitchens up-to-date

The tiles are everywhere

The tiles cover all walls and not only the areas that need to be easy to maintain. This brightens the room and gives this a peculiar character.

The advantages of kitchen tiles

kitchen planning trends kitchens up-to-date kitchen chairs of Barhoker Island

Chrome is back again

As you have probably just now noticed, the current kitchens also above all are shiny. Also the details there must be used. For this reason, chromed devices are back in.

Chic accents in copper and gold

kitchen planning trends kitchens up-to-date kitchen countertop marble

Kitchens are always current

The integration of smart devices and modern jobs in the kitchen are also modern than ever. Also, these may be missing, if they act super currently.

Modern technologies are in demand also in the kitchen

kitchen planning trends kitchens up-to-date modern accessories Chargers

Intigrierter tableware drying of wood

kitchen planning trends kitchens up-to-date modern accessories plate dryer

Indirect lighting in the modern kitchen

modern kitchen indirect lighting trends kitchens up-to-date

High-gloss white

kitchen design fitted kitchens trends kitchens up-to-date

Minimalist is functional in this case

kitchen design kitchen design minimalist white trends kitchens up-to-date

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