Kitchen Ideas – Cabinets, Benches, Organizer, Accessories For The Napkins

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kitchen ideas kitchen kitchen furniture dining table round yellow chairs

Just some bizarre and super innovative interior design ideas for kitchens

Cabinets, benches, organizer, accessories for the napkins. These are all items that change the look of the kitchen and the lifestyle in this.

But until then, if it be a little bizarre and double function, they are really modern.

The first picture shows a super fresh idea. The collection was created by the designer Ruy Ohtake. Here, almost everything on the joy is to use different color accents. He brought the Ornare brand on the market. It offers several great solutions for chefs and restaurateurs. You have special variations for lovers of refined food and for this, which some prefer organic food in their daily lives.

Kitchen ideas

kitchen ideas kitchen kitchen furniture pot

The design is more than minimal. The oven has sensors everywhere and detects the size of the pots, which were laid out. CX 491 called this model of the brand Gaggenau. Steel and glass, seamlessly. This is the latest trend in the super modern kitchens.

In the third example it comes out to hide anything

kitchen ideas kitchen kitchen furniture sink plate

This is a super organized system for the establishment and close it, which very well inscribed in work areas. Here, you will have a cooking station, which can be folded out. The designer whose work have named new Logica system.

This is a chandelier or an accessory? Both of course

kitchen ideas kitchen kitchen furniture plate

This object would look great over a kitchen island. Alba cubo X 2 is called this lamp. In the panels is the light more intensely, also serves as a vacuum pump, which extracts all bad gases super effective in five minutes.

Do you have a Department in the kitchen, where you must keep really heavy objects?

kitchen ideas kitchen kitchen furniture Island

The pottery, which is used for the manufacture of these items here, can carry very heavy weights. The wall model is the collection of Gressit and the table is of the Kerafloor. They are known for their industrial designs.

This line since Gail are made from pressed ceramic

kitchen ideas kitchen kitchen furniture shelves

The surface can be powder-coated or not. The sizes can be very compact and the colors – very clear. Among these are various shades of white and beige.

Have you read our first article on the great facilities for kitchens?

kitchen ideas kitchen kitchen furniture innovative

Hot plates very often combine beauty and functionality. To purchase, usually in white, this electrical appliance of Gorenje’s Slovenian brand represents a wonderful example. It was designed by the designer Karim Rashid. The organic line goes to the four areas on which you can cook.

Here we see a masterpiece of stainless steel and laminate

kitchen ideas kitchen kitchen furniture Cabinet

The super functional rear wall behind it will help to keep everything in place. This model is called Kit smart and you see it in his base form. It was produced by the company Mekal.

Now coming to this colored base

kitchen ideas kitchen kitchen furniture order

Here we see an element of the brand of solid surfaces, Corian (DuPont). Different surfaces and floors can be produced from it. You can buy a great many other great colors like this. In this picture you can see Eggplant chick.

Do you want everything in the right place?

kitchen furniture ideas kitchen drawers

Here you can see the inner order of the brand of Brinna. She is of long endurance, and can take quite a long time.

This model here is the German brand of light

kitchen ideas kitchen kitchen furniture spoon

Here you see another solution, which is the good organization.

More separations and partitions here

kitchen kitchen furniture system of order

The designer comes this time from Rio. So a great way to keep stock, or?

Could you use an antibacterial surface in the kitchen?

kitchen ideas kitchen kitchen furniture flooring

Precisely for such, this cabinet has been created with the two sinks and worktop next door. In addition, this is the latest hit of the Swiss Franke brand.

This is Epoxilfarbe

kitchen kitchen kitchen furniture lacquer blue

When you learn it once correctly perform these, then are to perform easily your kitchen in the coolest shades. The variant, which you see here, is called the “Blue heart”. But it has more 32 great shades to choose in this collection.

Some super tips for your kitchen sink

ideas kitchen kitchen furniture kitchen island

Viewing this image only! Fabulous, or? Do you recognize the era in which it reverts? Here we see a modern revival of the 50s. The main material is stainless steel, but the drawers made of coloured glass represent the major update.

Then it continues with a further Retrospektion

kitchen kitchen kitchen furniture sink

Had been tried in this case, to re-record the mood in 1956. That made the company Marchi Cucine her here displayed model kitchen sink. Is the Grantistück, which is covered in wood, not simply gorgeous.

Here we have a great faucet

kitchen kitchen furniture kitchen faucet

Docol and massima are the authors of this design and they have gained very many different competitions.

The next model of the faucet makes it easy really dealing with water

kitchen furniture kitchen faucet shine

It’s called Celite colors. Already, the name indicates that his originality in the color version is. The typical Matallic color was combined with other bright color accents.

The company, which has produced this great work, is called Metalbagno walk

kitchen ideas kitchen kitchen furniture faucet sink

Here, we see a more incredibly beautiful faucet of brand Flambé round light with LED Licht.

Wow! Is this a faucet or a lamp?

kitchen kitchen furniture kitchen ideas

Anyway, this is the most flexible and most original model of them all so far. It was produced by de Altero.

Here we see a simple, yet very modern kind of a kitchen again

kitchen ideas kitchen furniture yellow colors

The line is called Yep hype and was recently put on the market. The kitchen was running in an aluminum frame, the colors are very vibrant and the surface current and really high quality. Nice to fall in love, or?

Work above all in white!

kitchen kitchen kitchen furniture kitchen rear panel

This is certainly a fashionable trend currently. But this one needs to develop really very good hygiene. But here, we get help. Because the line smart White has an amazing clean up system.

Air purification and saving

Kitchen ideas kitchen kitchen furniture air

This hood is not only very good looking, but also quite effective.

More fancy white beauty for kitchens?

kitchen kitchen kitchen furniture smooth surfaces

Then check out the kitchen seats, which seem to mimic Greek Antiquities. Here, too, it has developed a technology which refers to active and the cleaning. The objects are the line of Marmi extreme.

We re-use of materials within a luxury design – so to do.

kitchen kitchen kitchen furniture dining room sofa

This work of ceramic residue has been created. This strategy has been recorded in all lines of the same company. Actually is the manufacturer of Pietra bio tech.

We conclude with a slightly rustic model

ideas kitchen kitchen furniture traditional

The doors are made from gravel sheets. Offences and zurückhaktende shades give the line charm Bistrot a underground Chrakater. The company, which has produced the model, called a Flourene.

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