Kitchen Island Design Ideas – Types And Personalities Behind The Function

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kitchen island design ideas black white equipment metal pendant lamps

Kitchen island design ideas – types and personalities behind the function

The designers have developed the idea of the kitchen island for good reasons and done. They wanted to establish the kitchen so as a multi-functional place. This is not just an area for cooking us serve.

Traditionally, it consists of a corner with narrow tops the room walls along. Now, this is no longer the case. Today, the kitchen design from a central point spreads in all directions. The kitchen island is a work area in the middle and it deserves respect and admiration. Because their designers are just the best artists in the field of sculpture. Cooking is a serious task, and above all, it is an art.

The kitchen island must be primarily functional and spacious. But as with all types of furniture you must take into account the imagination of the people and the personal taste.

Reflects the individuality of the owner and this makes it unique and individual design.

Our rapid modern world demands the combination of dining with other activities. Those are about the art, literature, fashion, and entertainment. On the kitchen island, you can cook with pride and bring together the friends. There are various kitchen island floor plans and all of these deserve our attention. We try to represent the main types and assign them specific types of shopping.

The kitchen of the bookworms

See the mix of eclecticism in these furniture pieces. Fine marble surface with accessories on classic dark wooden table. Has more bookshelves to and used as a desk. So a kitchen is ideal for readers and certainly also for writers! Comfortable bar stools with a back and a bit industrial serious illumination ensure optimum light for reading enjoyment during an eklektishcen breakfast.

The fashionista

Luxury with great glass lighting and smooth shapes

kitchen island design ideas ultra extravagant and luxurious

Below is a decadent, fancy kitchen suite of Bansal design studios. It includes a kitchen suite fascinating to. Lines combining the puristic elegance of contemporary materials with fluid and female Baroquen here. So you reach a fine simple model. Even the tools for everyday can be accommodated here. You can store under the sliding surface. The effect of white and shiny bright pieces of furniture under the Crystal is so-Kronleuchtern impaired by any superfluous objects. Refined or exaggerated? What do you think?  (via TrendHunter)

The sophisticated barbarian

Simple elegance and rationality

kitchen island design ideas easy rational and functional facilities

Also like the rough surfaces or I am about the only person crazy then? But you must certainly my opinion about the piece of furniture in the next figure share: the combination of Urstrukturen in the next modernistishcen kitchen create a masterpiece! What do think about the combination – dark wood with coarse surfaces and easy rustic materials on the countertop?

That is simply a winning solution for the kitchen! It is a cool and masculine place. Every man will feel comfortable in such atmosphere. He would also love to cook and eat, of course! I fully hide patterns would recommend as a supplement. Honey wine and games are only still missing… What do you think about a good baked meat in a gourmet variation? This kitchen simply deserves the best! (via Friendskorner)

The beautiful dreamer

Solid pillar and neon-green, glossy finish

kitchen island design ideas bright neon green surface

Are you a fan of the shapes and the colors and you want these independently experience the functional requirements? Then create something unexpected! Below, you’ll see a maßangerfertigte kitchen island. She is anything but square. You seem to interpret their own forms in different ways. While she reached a harmony by the color combination and the tension-free forms.

Do you have structural elements in the kitchen as about pads or frames? Leave them empty and purely functional. You can integrate them into the design alone with a little imagination and create something truly unique from these. Are you designing a kitchen island? Build some flower vases and surround them with lush Greens for a better feeling!

The elegant minimal list

Minimalist beautiful with many seating areas

kitchen island design ideas, minimalist with many bar chairs

Open and concentrated on the functionality of decorations can sometimes be the best solution. The Cook must have enough space available in the kitchen. This can be a fine freak. Now, we show a minimalist kitchen suite for very ordinary people. They want to bring back everything in its place, as soon as you no longer need it. If you no longer use this kitchen, it can look like a Studio. The holder is located in thoughtful anticipation. But these elegant and comfortable chairs lead to a dialogue. This also applies to the glass chandelier. You are a unique kitchen fantasy. This brings a touch of glamour to the ambience.

The comfortable modernist

Many candles and sunflowers make a romantic Mediterranean atmosphere

kitchen island design ideas Mediterranean style with candles and sunflowers

Through the contemporary furniture we have used a mix of functionality and style. It comes in the kitchen! This elegant white, combined with moderate wood is the most modern combination for the surfaces. Here you can see a strong influence from nature and artifice on functionality. The best of both worlds is achieved in a comfortable kitchen floor plan. The wire chairs bring a design culture in the game. Have you noticed the wide use of the pendant lighting together with the kitchen islands? Their precise surface structure is provided by the so-called kitchen island. In this case, small and seemingly irregular groups with very artistic touch designer lamps were attached.

Beautiful shining smoothness in snow white by Glenvale kitchens

kitchen island design ideas ultra modern bright glossy white

The player

Lego blocks like colorful mosaic

kitchen island design ideas colorful mosaic LEGO style

Now are we to a quirky kitchen theme and namely “eat and click”. Information and apps have prevailed in our lives in the form of smartphones and tabs in styles and movement. What’s wrong with their use in the kitchen island?

Not only the computer freaks consume the latest online media or obtain simple and retro PC games. A flat screen writes perfectly in any room.

The friendly kitchen island is full of life, fun and is equivalent to exactly this setting. She can be combined wonderfully by a coat rack. And if there is such thing as geek lamp, then this is certainly the Clusterlampe of Moooi.

The creative traditionalist

Vintage flair – lavender and fruit

kitchen island design ideas traditional vintage equipment

Everything in this room shows the fondness for the story. These are about the chandelier with candles, hanging light installation from the good old times of the light bulbs. Even the classic gas stoves speak not only for functionality, but also for the tradition.

This kind of design is characterized by the love for the details and the art of the craftsman. The wooden kitchen island vintage style is certainly an inherited object or a finding. This is held as a witness to history. An another cosy accessory would be suspended vegetable shelf with copper bowls and to dry.

Do you have an eye for antiques and also taste for eccentric items? You can create something just as good!

Somewhere, you know your type? If so, then you can refer now much better in the choice of kitchen design.

A great ambience in warm colours

kitchen island design ideas antique bar stools filigree pendant lamps

Muted blue nuances – hexagonal design

kitchen island design ideas square blue

Very spacious and classic black and white

kitchen island design ideas classic black white and round metal bar stools

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