Kitchen Rear Wall – Trendy Alternative To The Classic Tile Mirror

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kitchen rear wall ideas kitchen set up lighting wood furniture

Kitchen rear wall ideas

Where fat, water splashes and sauces remains set to the wall in the kitchen, a special spray-suppression is necessary. Modern kitchen mirror are not only durable, but also an optical highlight in the kitchen. Often one thinks only of a classic, white tile mirror. However, there are numerous other ways to beautify the rear wall of the kitchen. This complementary functionality, durability and an appealing appearance.

kitchen rear wall wood kitchen ideas

1 kitchen rear wall made of glass

A high-quality and modern look for your kitchen offers a rear wall made of glass. Milky or transparent – glass has a very simple and elegant at the same time. Glass is easy to clean, easy to clean and fits into many modern kitchens.

As an additional highlight printed glass or a photo wallpaper behind glass are offered. Both draw attention quickly and there are countless design options — when Lana KK , they will certainly find it. Please note however, is that no subsequent cut-outs for sockets on a glass plate are possible, because the hardened glass plate can be cut no longer. She would break.

2. kitchen rear wall made of wood

Kitchen rear wall to use as a wood panel, sounds of course only once something outlandish, but with the proper surface treatment wood is also suitable as a mirror of the kitchen. Serve as a sample strong can multiplex a 6, 5 mm made of birch. The painted plate is lifted it on the wall and attached with strips of wood screwed under the cabinets and the countertop. In this way, you must not even drill in the rear panel or the old Tile mirror. Important: this solution is the surface treatment is crucial.

kitchen rear wall ideas tile mirror drawers wood

3. kitchen mirror with photo wallpaper

The motives of the photo wallpaper, located behind a Plexiglas plate are encouraging fresh. Also here are no limits regarding the motifs. What like can be (almost) always a motive for the kitchen mirror.

Wallpapers with large motifs are of course an optical eye-catcher. However, the format required for the kitchen mirror how the lack of resistance tell of paper and non-woven wallpapers. For the first problem, the motif is wallpaper cut apart, delivered in several parts and glued back together. The problem of durable – and Reinigungsfähigkeitwird, often through a transparent, frosted plexiglass plate solved which is mounted in front of the papered wall. Advantage: They are fastened with U – and L-profiles made of aluminium, be bolted with the wall, but with countertop and wall units.

kitchen rear glass ideas suitable motifs

4. kitchen rear wall of Marble/Mosaic

A kitchen rear wall made of marble or mosaic tiles give them your kitchen a completely new look, which offer several advantages. A can is easily and quickly lay the marble mosaic panels, because they are glued on a network and processed like mosaic tiles . On the other hand, gives a beautiful look with a subtle structure in the area, are important criteria in a tiled mirror but yet durable and robust -. In addition, marble sticks or mosaic tiles are available and relatively cheap with a price of less than four euros apiece in well-stocked hardware stores.

5. kitchen rear wall made of stainless steel

Stainless steel is very hygienic, heat-resistant, but well maintained. Fingerprints and water drops on it clearly left their mark. Niche panels are made of stainless steel only a few millimeters thick. Therefore, hardly any work surface is lost at facing of the niche.

kitchen rear glass ideas modern kitchen design

Decision support for the optimal kitchen rear panel

Whether modern stainless steel look, purely a matter of taste is harmonious in design of the worktop or transparent glass – what is allowed. Glass has advantages: it is easy to clean and can be installed quickly. Plastic sheets are the cheaper alternative to a glass back wall. Self-adhesive foil and washable (photo -) wallpaper – these two variants have a clear advantage – they cost significantly less. But one she decides you should also with more effort expected – they must be renewed in the rule every two to three years.

Mosaic tiles are pretty easy in handling and installation. You can transform your kitchen to a true eye-catcher. A look at rabattino.dehelps to equip the design kitchen with the right kitchen utensils. How to get dafürauszugeben to the noble kitchen without spending a fortune. With a rear panel made of stainless steel, opt for a timeless modern color accent and effectively protect your walls from the stresses of everyday life. Stainless steel is cheap, heat-resistant and stainless steel.

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