Kitchen Runners: Design Your Own Kitchen To Fit Your Needs

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The best parties are often held in the kitchen. Alone the fact that the kitchen is usually not too big and therefore a cozy proximity is, makes kitchen parties often to something very special. However, the equipment and design also influence the feel-good factor and the quality of the stay. Thus, it is largely in the hand of the kitchen owner how good or bad the kitchen party runs out.

kitchenparties and dishes

The right design of the kitchen and matching treats contribute to the success of every kitchen party.

Kitchen tiles: colors and wall decoration

It is important that not only the guests feel comfortable in the kitchen, but also the owner. In order to achieve this feel-good factor, the effect of the colors on the psychological level can be used for the basic spatial design. While bright colors tend to have a stimulating effect and, above all, red as a very stimulating and activating effect, blues harmonize and relax. This makes Blue the ideal color for switching down a gear after a turbulent workday and releasing the tension. Ideal to create a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere in which the guests feel well. In addition, it is useful to choose brighter shades of blue as this makes the room larger and not so fast the feeling of being narrowed. Of course, it is also possible to keep the walls color neutral and the corresponding color accents through furniture, blinds or other furnishings.

In order to make the kitchen more comfortable, care should be taken that not only bare walls can be seen. Barriers and pictures allow the eye a welcome change. Particularly pretty Cube shelves and other open shelving systems , which not only have a decorative effect, but also bring out the content to their full effect.

kichenideen and furnishing for the party

Open shelving systems ensure that everything is ready for immediate use.

But also purely decorative elements such as pictures, clocks, mirror photos create a piece of individuality and well-being. In this case, attention should also be paid to the matching colors, which blend harmoniously into the room. In addition, the various elements may be freely combined. Various Inspirations to design of the matching wall decoration show combinations of wall clocks with different own pictures, which can be perceived as a total wall painting. In addition, watch movements can be redesigned by matching picture elements.

In addition, homely aspects can also be conjured with the right decoration of small mirrors. Mosaic mirror with different flower patterns or self-made embellishments with flowers or shells can give the room an additional personal touch.

The most important kitchen furniture for the party-like kitchen

Of course the ideal furniture also contributes to the successful kitchen party thanks to the furniture. Since pure standing parties can be quite exhausting in the long run and the food at a party is made more difficult, sufficient seating possibilities should be provided.

kitchen ideas and party ideas in the kitchen

In the kitchen should be provided for sufficient seating.

There is a table with chairs in the kitchen. Otherwise, other seating arrangements can be arranged. This can either be done by existing folding chairs, or beverage crates can be converted into seating areas. As a matter of principle, all beverage crates can be used as seat cladding; a matching seat cover can be created , Stable and nice to look at are drinks crates with a relatively smooth plastic surface, as is the case with Anjola or Fritz Kola. Since for the party so also enough drinks should be organized, one or more additional seats are available directly with.

In addition to the seating arrangements, an adequate storage area must also be ensured. This means that plates and glass do not have to be held in the hand all the time. A central table or two to three small side tables can be used as a storage surface. In addition, the kitchens can be used as a storage area – at least those who do not have to serve the buffet.

Another advantage of staying in the kitchen is that the drinks are also within easy reach. Other important kitchen appliances such as a coffee machine or a tea-maker are also available here, which means that the friendly atmosphere does not have to be interrupted by leaving the room.

party celebrations in the kitchen

Multi-day serving plates can provide enough space.

Practical accessories for the party

To prevent unnecessary running during the party, the most important accessories are already available in the kitchen. If, for example, the chairs have an unpadded seat, you have to provide seat cushions or small couch cushions for the seat. This not only makes it visually, but also ensures a more comfortable sitting of the guests.

For the buffet two or three-day serving plates can be used. This means that the available area can be optimally utilized even in small spaces. Who has already set up his kitchen in a rather space – saving way, Screws on the hanger , this can also be filled with nibbles for the party and so the dishes on the tables always fast and uncomplicated refill.

Also practical are several small little keys or serving plates, to serve small appetizers. In some cases even decorative breakfast boards are sufficient, which can be stored quickly and extremely space-saving in case of non-use.

Adequate crockery, cutlery and glasses should also be provided in the kitchen. In order to accommodate the cutlery as much space as possible, the use of large drinking cups, into which the cutlery is set, has proven itself. For the glasses are open shelves, from which each can serve itself as required.

The right lighting is also provided for more comfort. Instead of a bright direct light, lamps with indirect light incidence should be selected. Also, the light is more comfortable when it has a warm hue. To make the whole thing look a bit more stylish, old enamelled drinking cups, older quadruplets or other suitable kitchen utensils can also be used as a lamp screen.

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