Kitchen Trends 2015: Functional Kitchens With Sophisticated Design

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Elegant design and functionality – kitchen Trends 2015

Not only the kitchen experts agree, also the current trends confirm that the modern kitchen more transforms itself from a closed workshop to an open plan living room, which the landlords also present acquaintances. There, the kitchen must have also a similarly exclusive design. Simple stainless steel kitchens are doing already long out. Also the latest kitchen trends prove that. In the foreground, new, fancy designs are combined with high functionality and new technology.

Rustic and plain gaudy and conspicuous

Basically are no limits to the possibilities in the kitchen design. Simple colors, which are co-ordinated, are equally trendy like bright colors and contrasts. When the fitted kitchens isalso 2015 continues to the cottage-style hot sought after, as also at the well known provider kitchens source can see. The dominant color is white, which contrasts with bold colors such as blue or red. Also the color black is celebrating her comeback in the kitchen. Especially kitchen appliances are presented by German manufacturers like Miele or Siemens in the black look like.

The rustic kitchen is in vogue

kitchen of Interior Trends 2015 kitchen trends kitchen appliances and furniture design

Rustic designs made of slate, stone and concrete are currently in vogue. A kitchenette in the slate design creates a very noble and graceful impression in a white kitchen. The stone design will focus on the reference to nature. Even different rock types, such as granite, marble or stone element, as basic elements for the selection are the customers. In the area of concrete, the kitchen industry has now completely new possibilities. Wafer-thin and still absolutely unbreakable this can be applied on the plates. Along with a noble design results in lacquered glass or walnut.

Also when it comes to the shape of the kitchen, there are different alternatives to the simple kitchenette. The kitchen islandis currently very popular. It is particularly suitable for those who have planned lots of space for the kitchen and want to make this open. It is important that there is enough space for passageways around the island. The generous space is the kitchen island for those who like to jointly boil.

Elegant design and functionality in the modern kitchen

kitchen of Interior Trends 2015 kitchen trends, kitchen furniture design

State of the art technology in a sophisticated design

Not only the design of kitchens have evolved in the year 2015. Also in the area of kitchen appliances, there are always new features. High-quality kitchen appliances in a noble design are also wichtigwie for the look of the kitchen the kitchen design itself. Nevertheless they should have of course a high functionality. In this respect, the automatic baking that AEG has the oven auto sense , an absolute sensation is. The stove can adjust the baking time even by pre-programmed recipes. Should the chef are even late, he can bake a previously prepared Court app. A lot has teamed with the hoods. Designhauben sowieDowndraft-hoods, which extend upward and unobtrusive are integrated in the cooking line, replacing the large, pull-out hood of earlier times. For the modern cooking, experts recommend an Induction Cooktop. Here, the heat is generated by an alternating magnetic field. However ferromagnetic pots are required for the use of an induction hob. The hobby chef recognizes them because that stick magnets on them. Some manufacturers now already with experiment in the cooking line of integrated touch display, which operate the hobs should be made more pleasant. The networking between individual devices, such as for example, stove and refrigerator, remains the trend topic in the kitchen area par excellence. In future, for example the stove at the selection of a specific prescription to recognize directly if the refrigerator has all the ingredients at hand. It will be so curious what kitchen innovations of the future will bring.

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