Kitchen Trends Stone, Concrete And Metal

Stone, concrete and metal in the kitchen design

The modern kitchen is not only a place of work for the preparation of food, but an integral part of the living area. This is the open kitchen-living room high in the course and is designed especially with stone or concrete with various metals and individual surfaces. The optical appearance underlines the individual living style and is used in addition to the functionality and high-quality facilities as the most important feature of a trendy home for joint moments with your family or social rounds with friends.

To set up a modern kitchen

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Stone in the kitchen

Solid stone countertops and Cabinet fronts in stone look, granite sinks or a stone base in the kitchen furniture is increasingly be an eye catcher. The popularity of stone, especially stone, lies in the sustained quality and stability, as well as the robust properties and longevity.

Stones provide a rustic charm and create an ambience that the kitchen is a cozy and homely place in house or apartment. Marble, Slate, granite and other natural stones give the cuisine with its natural pattern and grain of life. Unfortunately, the great disadvantage of natural stone is the price. Who still does not want to waive a purist, modern kitchen in a stone – or industrial look, find a selection of fitted kitchens kitchen & co.

kitchen trends stone concrete and metal kitchen island concrete kitchen design

Concrete in the kitchen design

Actually, seems cool concrete and has taken no important position until recently in interior design. But just in the kitchen new trends are emerging, popularity walls or lofts concrete kitchen counters with concrete shelter or dining on a concrete base. Concrete with some advantages to convince white in stability and resilience, in the versatility of use and the simple colour design of the surface. Your kitchen can be very comfortable with a wall of concrete if you use the material for example in combination with wood and create such a Mediterranean ambiance.

open kitchen with hardwood floors, kitchen trends stone concrete and metal

Copper is the metal very popular

While copper had importance used above all in the form of kettles and cups in the kitchen, the material is very versatile application. The soft, reddish glow and the high power handling distinguish copper as a metal, which is used in the kitchen design, for example, in the form of hooks or fittings, suspensions or handles. Create a modern, cozy and fancy kitchen, you must not allow ourselves to abandon copper elements and are positively emphasize your style with this metal. In addition to the small and practical accessories to your kitchen furniture you can follow trends again tending toward copper with decorative kitchenware. Already, there are even complete fitted kitchens with fronts in copper look.

kitchen trends, kitchen island kitchen design copper kitchen

Stainless steel for a modern kitchen

Stainless steel fronts play a very important role no longer only in appliances and large appliances, but also in kitchen furniture. This trend has become to choose cabinet doors and drawers without additional handles and to rely on smooth fronts in matte stainless steel. Also at the sink is no more than standard stainless steel but is multi-faceted and in chrome-glossy or Matt finish. Stainless steel can Solitaire for themselves or available but are used in combination with elements made of wood or stone. A warm and still as avant-garde look is created with wood, since the cool effect of steel in conjunction with the warmth of wood particularly stylish comes into its own and representative scene sets the spatial.

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