Kitchen Worktop And Kitchen Rear Wall: The Quintessential Perfect Choice Meeting

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kitchen worktop and kitchen rear wall window hanging lamps sink

What choose you first – the kitchen or back?

How do you coordinate the colours? Is it OK for you to mix different patterns?

There are so many home owners, spend what months is to compare the different patterns in combination. You love every single one of them, but not the combination.

Here you have 10 examples with fascinating and successful combinations for countertops. You will find valuable tips on how to shorten the selection process something for your own kitchen along with them.

Approach 1: First select the desktopKitchen worktop and kitchen rear wall

If you feel that you are soon will lose in all the different options for kitchen worktop and backs, then you concentrate on one. What might that be? I would suggest the kitchen work surface. A lot of money and time will cost you the kitchen countertops. That’s why you should decide for a solution with which you will feel happy in the long run. Also, there’s only a few materials and color options while it has a very big, yes often confusing big selection at the back panels. The kitchen work surface will be installed first. So another purely practical reason to make these first.

Want to meet a cool choice with your kitchen work surface, as well as with your back?

kitchen worktop and kitchen rear panel white kitchen cabinet Orange

If you have decided once, what material you will use kitchen work surface when he, the possibilities at the rear panel are no longer so many. So, everything is guaranteed easier, believe me!

Now, you must with take not necessarily the pattern or color of the kitchen work surface in the rear panel. This is not necessary just even if you made an unusual, playful effect. In the example here, you have opt for a bright and neutral variant of the back wall and so the kitchen surface is particularly strong.

Then you should bring a sample of the chosen kitchen work surface with in the business. You will limit the opportunities to choose very quickly.

Approach 2: First select the back wall

kitchen worktop and kitchen rear wall tiles gleaming

If you’ve found a rear panel, in which you are almost in love, you should buy them necessarily. In this case, the options on the kitchen work surface will be rather limited. If you decide for a bold type like the one shown in the picture, then you can go for something more subtle on the kitchen work surface.

I would recommend that one of two and not both at the same time focus on the

kitchen worktop and kitchen rear window mosaic tile

Here you can see a lot of color and movement. In my opinion the competition with an equally exciting kitchen work area would rather harm than help.

This of course excludes not the mixture of colors and patterns for the kitchen work surface and the back wall. Thus, you will achieve a nice cohesive force.

In the picture: Binaco Romano granite kitchen – painted glass mosaics on the rear panel

kitchen worktop and kitchen back wall wood kitchen cabinet drawers

Approach 3: use the same material kitchen heritage branch surface and on the back wall

kitchen worktop and kitchen rear wall modern kitchen sink

You are happy with your choice of kitchen work surface and you want to keep things simple? Then, you use the same material also on the rear panel. This solution is then very intelligent, if you choose all surfaces of the selected work area and you have lots of leftover material.

In the picture: Pietra del Cardoso Steinküchenarbeutsfläche and rear panel

kitchen worktop and kitchen rear window traditionally institution

You can use the same or a similar material, but make the great sight of playful lighting effects through the use of different tiles. So, the shopping can also be at a reasonable price.

In the picture: Carramarmor with a more sustainable option.

You can create also a short rear panel

kitchen worktop and kitchen rear wall wood panel table hanging lamps

This solution is cost effective and creates a finished look.

Approach 4: Set an expert

kitchen worktop and kitchen rear wall tiles gleaming grey

Some home owners can imagine very difficult in advance the final project of the kitchen. That makes the whole thing then also quite difficult. This to so many important decisions must be within such a short time. If you block your creativity to tight deadlines, then you should take time but nevertheless determine periods for the various activities. Now you can use really good the help of a good friend, whose taste like much or even advice from a specialist.

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