Kitchen Worktop Made Of Concrete – Pros And Cons At A Glance

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What began years ago as a practical design of a workplace has now become a new trend in the interior. Of the industrial style has already prevailed in the interior of our four walls and radiates everywhere its peculiar loft charm. This design style is characterized by the use of shiny metal, rough surfaces and open tubes. However, he expresses very well the sense of practicality and affordability, which has motivated the homeowners to an industrial design. But there is hardly a better place in the apartment, where the industrial style comes into its own as the kitchen! There the Industrial Look is really at home! If you want to give your kitchen a timeless look, then you can decide for this furnishing style. We would like to help you with further information, so that you can make your decision easier. In this article, we will focus on the concrete kitchen countertop.

The kitchen worktop made of concrete is perfect for any kitchen in the industrial sector

Kitchen worktop made of concrete kitchen in industrial section

This fits perfectly into a kitchen that should look”industrial”. But what are the benefits of a kitchen countertop made of concrete and what could prevent you from preferring to use it? So, today we are dealing with the pros and cons of the kitchen plate in the industrial section. If we have aroused your interest, please read on!

Give your kitchen the special industrial look!

contemporary kitchen kitchen worktop industrial

Why is the kitchen worktop important for the design of a kitchen?

The kitchen worktop is the place where you can prepare the meals for yourself and the family every day. It must be multifunctional and be 100% inscribed in the entire design concept of the kitchen. The kitchen worktop must meet many requirements of the house owner. It proves to be the most important component of any kitchen equipment. Every day it is worked on, the workplace can be wet and often even stained, Let’s not forget the fact that one puts daily on hot cookers and works with sharp kitchen knives. In addition, splashing water or a few drops of oil could fall onto the kitchen worktop. Logically, it must be robust and heat resistant, absolutely resistant to moisture and stains. Therefore, the question of cleaning them should not be underestimated. All these are practical functions and challenges that every kitchen workspace has to fulfill.

The kitchen worktop must be robust and heat resistant

Kitchen worktop made of concrete robust heat-resistant

But there is also a purely aesthetic aspect, which must not be forgotten in the selection of his work table. This in most cases determines the entire kitchen optics and is an indisputable eye-catcher in the ambience. Before choosing a concrete kitchen worktop, you must therefore know its advantages and disadvantages well. In the following, we will discuss them in detail.

The kitchen worktop made of concrete is a definite eye-catcher in every ambience

Kitchen countertop made of concrete real eye-catcher

What are the advantages of the kitchen countertop made of concrete?

Concrete is a very robust material. If you select precisely one worktop of concrete, you have already predetermined the industrial style of your kitchen. You get the same rough surfaces and the unique industrial look. In addition, it has to be stressed that every kitchen worktop made of concrete is quite stable, it can withstand all loads. You can hardly see stains or scratches. This is undoubtedly scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. If you continue to process or seal the concrete, your kitchen worktop is also waterproof and easy to maintain. We all know from our own experience the importance of hygiene in the kitchen. With a worktop of concrete you contribute a lot.

The kitchen countertop made of concrete is quite stable, scratch and water resistant

Kitchen worktop concrete stable scratch and water resistant

Another important plus is not to be forgotten. The worktop of concrete gives your kitchen an individual touch and makes it look unique. You can further develop your imagination and creativity and easily reach a kitchen design in the industrial style.

Find out more about the pros and cons of a kitchen worktop made of concrete

Pros and Cons Kitchen countertop made of concrete

The kitchen worktop of concrete, however, also has certain disadvantages

But as you often say, the medal has two sides. That is why we do not want to deprive you of the disadvantages of a kitchen worktop made of concrete. To be frank, these cons can not be underestimated, as they can be decisive in your selection of kitchen worktops.

  • Concrete is, as is known, a solid, hard material, but it is also porous. This means you have to sand the surface first and then polish it. In this way, you can close the pores of the concrete. Then the material has to be edited. A seal with oil or natural wax is very appropriate in this case. Once, however, it is not, as one says in the vernacular. This treatment must often be repeated in order to freshen up the concrete kitchen countertop. You still have the option for a synthetic seal, unfortunately, the rough optics will no longer be dominant, you will get a softer look.

Acid-containing or aggressive cleaning agents are not recommended for the maintenance of a kitchen worktop made of concrete.

Do not use aggressive cleaning agents

  • The so-called light concrete is used for the worktops. However, he is also quite hard. That is why you need a firm foundation, because the work platform can only be used on this basis.
  • If you think that a kitchen worktop is easy to maintain, you are wrong! Here you have to be very careful when cleaning, because acidic or aggressive cleaning agents are not recommended. They could penetrate the concrete pores and damage the material. What is completely undesirable in this case!
  • You can also compare the prices of kitchen worktops made of different materials and choose the one that suits your taste, style and purse. Also consider the kitchen furniture you are looking for before you choose.

The kitchen worktop made of concrete fits perfectly into every kitchen in the industrial style

Kitchen Industrial flooring Kitchen worktop made of concrete

Conclusion: Everyone can be spoiled for choice if they want to redesign their kitchen. The kitchen worktop often determines the entire optics in the room. Therefore, you must choose carefully and well informed when you choose. If you are looking at the recently developed industrial floor, you can opt for a kitchen worktop made of concrete and have been on the safe side for years!

Concrete is beautifully combined with wood.

Combine the kitchen worktop concrete with wood

Does not it look”industrial”?

Kitchen in industrial style Kitchen worktop concrete

With a kitchen worktop made of concrete, you can see how much hygiene is in your kitchen

Kitchen worktop Concrete hygiene in the kitchen

Worktop of concrete

Do you have a taste for the industrial part in the kitchen?

Kitchen worktop concrete worktop of concrete

kitchen interior from concrete

Concrete worktable

Ideas kitchen worktop made of concrete

A lot of industrial charm exudes this cuisine

concrete workplace kitchen


Concrete kitchen worktop

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