Kitchen Facilities -11 Kitchen Appliances, You Never Have Seen

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kitchen spice spray prepara two

Kitchen facilities, which make your life easier and the real pleasure is cooking

You must admit there is something in our time just for everyone. Especially in the kitchen, there are so many accessories that many of us can hardly wait to start cooking.

Whether you are a professional chef or only occasionally pursue their hobby, there are just so many ingenious inventions that are even extremely useful. Some were even us until recently unknown.

You cook like a professional with this kitchen innovations

kitchen silicone cups handles

Pasta pot

If you like pasta, this first piece of the Fund comes quite handy:

The unique pasta pot with integrated sieve in the lid has itself a perfect oval shape. Well the tank for long don’t is products.

Everything in einem-now you can your pasta just as taste in Italy

kitchen pasta pot

Portionierender dressing-cover

This cover is able to give out your salad dressing in regulated portions. This is especially appealing for those who want to pay attention to the calories.

This dressing lid check easily on your line

kitchen portioning dressing lid


More flavor with less fat. This bottle gives you optimum control over the amount of oil in your salad and your baking pan.

Even great in the hand feels the spray bottle

kitchen spice spray

Space-saving grater

This grater saves space not only in the drawer. She can stand vertically in the cupboard and works just like any more friction with their comfortable handle, which makes it even easier the grating cheese or vegetables.

Original, useful, and space-saving

kitchen space-saving grater

Multi chopper

With 4 interchangeable blades, you can simply everything from potatoes, onions and carrots.

With this vibrator, the cooking is just fun

kitchen of universal Zerkelinerer

Refrigerator washer for trays

Many of us use their trays in the kitchen, because cooking music is much more fun. Attached to the refrigerator, can your stylus safely used.

Finally, the tablet can be used dry in the kitchen

kitchen tray mat for the fridge

Quick and effective hacking of fresh herbs – for an unforgettable fresh taste

kitchen mill fresh last

Mill for culinary herbs

Similar to the Pepper Mill, this mill grinds fresh herbs such as parsley, dill, Rosemary, or Sage.

Give your family more freshness and health

kitchen fresh herbs mill

Pineapple knife

This great invention Pacheco, entkern and cut the pineapple in seconds.

Incredibly fast, clean, healthy and resourceful

kitchen pineapple knife Colage

Silicone Bowl

Through the soft material, you can determine the exact amount of dough when pouring in the plate or in the pan. At the same time, you can use the shell as a measuring cup.

With a simple movement of the hand you can be much more accurate in baking

kitchen silicone of muffin

Fruit ice cream machine

The use of this device creates a slightly healthier manner of ice cream.

The pleasure of ice is now healthier and more aromatic

kitchen fruit ice machine

Cake dough distributor

This clever device helps you to determine the exact amount of the dough when baking muffins, cupcakes and pancakes

This distribution of the use in the kitchen is just the small cupcakes

kitchen dough distributor

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