Love To Bake? Try These 13 Ideas For A Better Bakery Home

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kitchen bakery open shelves dish spices glasses13 useful ideas for a better bakery home

To have a Baker in the family brings mixed feelings. Of course, everyone has liked the fragrance of sugar and butter in the air, so that gives us the jaws always a good atmosphere. The bad thing here are the calories.

Baking is specific, it is even a science. Setting up a kitchen for a back master requests many considerations and research. Here we have collected some hints for you – for small and large kitchens.

Open shelves

better bakery shelves home kitchen mirror tiles

Greater things or ingredients as flour and sugar are easily accessible from the comfortable open shelves.

Roller carriage

better bakery shelves at home container flour spices

Think always of the function in the design. If there is little space for cabinets and open shelves in your kitchen, consider then to have a carriage nearby countertops, where the equipment and ingredients are ready.

Deposition of baking tins and trays

better bakery home drawer dishwasher countertop

The vertical cabinets are ideal, since you can see what is right in there and can easily reach it. These cabinets are tight and high. They can be placed also on the oven or the microwave.

Storage drawers and containers

better bakery home drawers marble similar to cooking stove

In the drawers, you can also easily see what’s inside. Container with thick air covers keep the ingredients fresh.

Equipment exhibition

better bakery home wood rail tile countertop

A collection of bread boards as an art relying on installation here.

Extending drawers

better bakery home cookies metal forms of shells

Plan a small extending drawer as part of the kitchen cabinets. Close drawers used for storing cookie cutters and gauges.

Technical corner

better bakery home white tiles set up window

Plan a small corner, where you can connect your TV, computer, or laptop, or your iPad display stands. There are thousands of recipes and videos online, in addition to your popular cooking show.

Double the oven

better baking at home cookie kitchen cabinets

If you have the space and the budget for it, you take double oven for installation. This is the dream of the master of Baker. Also consider ventilation possibilities of the oven. The air circulation is used to the better quality of the baked goods.

Built-in step stool

better bakery home cookies traditionally cuisine

If you very high store dish, consider a built-in step stool for easy access.

Work station

better baking at home cookie materials

If you regularly Cook, you set up a workstation on the countertop. The hard work surfaces such as marble or granite are ideal for dough processing. Set your equipment exactly there, where it is used.


better baking at home cookbooks racks kitchen island

Consider a bookcase near the work station. This allows easy access to books and recipes. For example a shelf close to the kitchen island is in the Middle practical and good.


better bakery home wood drawers spices

Keep the spices always. If you like to have the order, then arrange a alphabetically the spices.

Pastry table

better bakery home wood large room idea sink

Plan room for a pastry table in the main room. The old fashioned tables are normally lower than the standard worktops. Marble or other hard surfaces are ideal for pastry or dough works.

Great bakery at home – white furnishings

vintage style kitchen bakery design white establishment

Traditional cuisine – soft, warm atmosphere

bakery home kitchen wood traditional design

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