Modern kitchens in white make any space transformation easy

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Modern kitchens in white make any space transformation easy

White is one of the most popular colors in the kitchen facility. With the correct surface texture, the room appearance is incredibly elegant and sophisticated. In addition, White guarantees you transformation capability. Every little change and any flashy accent can immediately steal the show. With simple interventions you can completely transform the appearance.

Modern kitchen furniture without fittings

If you would like to achieve a very modern appearance, do not use the fittings in your kitchen. This makes everything seamless and uniform, super modern and in many cases futuristic. Innovative mechanisms make this possible.Take this selected style even more by integrating transparent surfaces and built-in kitchen appliances.

Emphasize your style with the white kitchen furnishings

Glossy and modern

Marble is back in!

The natural atmosphere can be reached within a white kitchen. Just use the appropriate materials. One possibility would be to combine the marble with a white-colored floor. Within such an ambience you can easily set a few accents. Through some black details and devices in this color you get the monochrome appearance.

If you prefer to get closer to the Scandinavian style, put on the striking accents in warm shades.

The neutral environment is very minimalistic


Nature in a modern concept

Green houseplants represent health and healthy lifestyle. For this reason, they are welcome within a modern kitchen facility. They are very effective in a modern kitchen.

The houseplants provide a natural look in the room


Tiled facade

A completely white kitchen can be very effective. For this you need the contrasts between the different textures. An accent wall with tiles could be just right for you in this regard. It is best to use the back of the kitchen. With tiles you can also emphasize some niches or other exciting architectural elements.

Dress the accent wall with tiles

Tile-as-accent wall

White kitchen inside of an open plan

The open floor plan can also benefit from the many advantages of the white kitchen. Or vice versa: the kitchen design, which is designed in white, is just right in an open design concept. If this corresponds with a few bright pieces of furniture in the living area, you achieve an elegant and uniform appearance. If you click on the contrasts, you can simply highlight this zone from the rest of the room.

The open and white home plan achieves an elegant appearance

Kitchen equipment-white color palette

White kitchen furniture with glossy surfaces

As you can see from most of our examples, the modern kitchen design concepts in white go hand in hand with glossy surfaces. These are effective by the light and shadow games that are created in it. They are most common in kitchens with ample access to natural light.

The glossy surfaces look particularly elegant and stylish


Geometric shapes and art

Modern kitchens are distinguished by the experiments with different shapes. Some colors are a more grateful field than others. This would be an ideal basis for such kitchen equipment. The white color makes lines and ground fissures slightly blurred and everything appears abstract. For this reason, geometric shapes are exactly fitting in such a context. The same applies to the use of abstract art.

Pay attention to the geometric shape of the kitchen furniture

White-character-in-the-kitchen facility

Accent areas in light neutrals

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the noble and subtle way in which accents are designed. These can be set up in bright neutrals. In a completely white kitchen, this looks dazzling. It also transforms a room with the change of the time of day and of the light incident – a great and welcome”Nebeneffekt”.

The space is very important


Why are white kitchen facilities so convertible?

In the beginning, we promised that we would emphasize the transformative character of the white kitchen facilities. On the basis of the displayed kitchens, this was obvious, even if we have not expressly emphasized.

The glossy white surfaces change in harmony with light and shadow. Just by using a few geometric furniture or artworks with such shapes, you achieve a futuristic concept. A few green houseplants or a natural wooden floor provide natural or Scandinavian flair in the ambience.

What kind of character would you want for your white kitchen?

Green houseplants represent health and healthy lifestyle


Combine marble and white colored kitchen surfaces

White accents-in-the-kitchen

Innovative kitchen appliances should match the white design


Nautical and elegant atmosphere


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