Museum Of Modern Art: Extravagant Kitchen Exhibition

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extravagant kitchen exhibition Museum of modern art

History of cooking – extravagant kitchen exhibition

Track the emergence of modern cuisine in this online tour of the Museum of modern art. We want to visit its exhibition “Design and the modern kitchen” together! Please follow us!

The Museum of modern art shows the development of kitchen design in its new exhibition, which was opened on 15 September and lasts until March 14. The Museum recently acquired a full exhibit of the legendary Frankfurt kitchen, which has originally been developed in 1926.

Frankfurt kitchen – former design

extravagant kitchen exhibition Frankfurt kitchen collection company

The Frankfurt kitchen Lihotzky was designed by Grete Schütte-and is the earliest work of an architect in the Museum’s collection. Thousands of this compact and ergonomic kitchens were produced in the years after World War 2.

Welfare überlegtes of kitchen design extravagant kitchen exhibition carefully design kitchen mirror

Trademarks of the Frankfurt kitchens were your standard kitchen – items that you could rearrange carefully in order to obtain ergonomics. Lihotzky kitchens were even a step forward, to make easier the lives of many women, says Juliet Kinchin, MOMA-Organizer.

Innovation for the storage space

extravagant kitchen exhibition kitchen storage food

In the kitchen storage and design features, there are a number of containers for various goods such as flour and sugar. In fashion came also the free-standing stool, a drop-down-Board and a built-in desk in the kitchen.

Original Frankfurt kitchen

extravagant kitchen exhibition original Frankfurt kitchen

About 10 000 Frankfurt kitchens were installed in apartments across Germany during the housing crisis. Pictured here is an original.

Coffee in the morning extravagant kitchen exhibition morning Koffee heat resistance

Very cleverly at the exhibition exhibits of the kitchen manufacturers such as for example the Chemex designed in 1941 by Peter Schlumbohm coffee machine. Made of heat-resistant glass and wood with a leather strap, Chemex has developed a product and shifts the focus to other materials.

1940s cookware and frying pan

extravagant exhibition of kitchen Cookware glass

A kitchen manufacturers represented in the exhibition by this pan from heat-resistant glass and steel, 1942 by Corning Glass works designed.

Innovations in the kitchen design

extravagant kitchen exhibition innovation

The second Department of the MOMA exhibition shows functional design and technological innovations with a focus on the cuisine, as in this collage by Tom Wesselmann (still life, 30 April, 1963)

“Nostalgic glasses”

modern design kitchen nostalgic glasses

In the 1050er years, color made their way through the kitchen. The women played an important role in the marketing of tableware products at parties. The iconic Tuppers were designed in 1954 by Earl S. Tupper Bowl.

Mobile kitchen in white and yellow

modern design kitchen mobile furniture

On the MOMA-exhibition – this mobile kitchen is also designed in 1968 and produced by Saidero, an Italian kitchen company.

Kitchen extension

modern design kitchen countertop extension Pan Pan

The Saidero offers kitchenette enough place for the refrigerator, stove and storage space for various items such as pots and pans, for example.

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