New Kitchen Design – Striking Kitchen Design Ideas For A Better Environment

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modern kitchen renovation wood textures materials attractive

The kitchen remodel – striking kitchen design ideas for a better environment

If it is the decoration and design of the House, each little area of fundamental importance. Each room should have its own distinctive character and at the same time it must be given to a common thread connects your entire facility at home.

Most people put your effort in the design of the bedroom and living room. However, it has the largest creative freedom in reality in the kitchen. Are you unhappy with the look of your kitchen and dining area? Then take the opportunity for renovation throughout.

new kitchen design white furnishings of dark flooring

Why should you redesign the kitchen?

Keep the aim of the renovation in mind all the time. Why do you perform this for what? There can be many reasons for this. Usually one wants to eliminate some drawbacks: lack of space, the lack of sufficient options for storage, not sufficient functionality and look outdated.

Only one of the factors would be reason alone for enough for a redesign! The end result is important: A kitchen that is most appropriate to your needs! In most cases you can’t go past on the advice of a designer. This is particularly important in the kitchen!

new kitchen design rustic design beautiful clean lines

Redesign of the kitchen: the options

Most people don’t even know the varied possibilities in the kitchen. There are basically three main lines, where you can follow. Take down and replacing. I think you already know what is meant by that. In this case, new will come in the place of the old stuff.

Then the layout of the design will not be changed, but the appearance will be fresh and new from the new furniture.

“Cosmetic” improvements

Do you have a small budget? A few thrifty changes can work wonders in the kitchen. The so-called ‘cosmetic’ changes can do much for the refreshing of kitchen surfaces, the cabinets and perhaps contribute to the lighting. The optimization must be done very carefully and gently and you can still reach a substantial improvement in your kitchen area.

Renovation to the level and needs

This is the designation of the “full program” during the renovation. Now you can change every aspect of the kitchen and even tearing down that may include one or two walls.

So you would gain much more space.

Current practical trends

There are some simple and easily enforceable trends and you can integrate them wonderfully in the kitchen. The result will be more than satisfying: A chic look and ergonomic solutions.

Kitchen worktops made of stainless steel are now super modern. This is a permanent solution

kitchen new shapes steel metal kitchen cabinets

The open kitchen plans include also dining room. A current trend is the creation of a visual contact with the living room

Cabinets with different surfaces and in varied shapes and colours can be beautifully complemented with elegant works of art on the walls

Energy-efficient and “green” devices are fashionable. You save you lot of money on your electricity bill. You have good reason to choose the smart objects in the kitchen.

Try to know several designers before you hire one. You must feel absolutely free when communicating with this person. But form your own opinion! Take a look around, search the Internet and find out about current opportunities there. So you will have lots of new ideas and can integrate them into your Küchenrenovoierungspläne.

Now here it is: our series of images put together with love and fascination compelling kitchen solutions.

Modern ideas for kitchen design

kitchen new figures modern lighting hanging lamps

The mix of traditional and modern design was carried out here perfectly. (according to 186 lighting design group – Gregg Mackell)

new kitchen design light fresh modern design

In the modern kitchen’s not just lines and materials. Often, it’s also on the accessories. Here they are: orange stains, floating plate left. Would something in your kitchen fit well? …

The renovations carried out to measure has opened here much additional work space – Tanner Vine – 2Go custom kitchens

kitchen new figures ceiling lighting bar stools wooden plate

We have love us in the table made of wood and the angular furniture of this compelling cuisine. by LDa architecture & interiors

new kitchen design contemporary renewal stairs

The ultra modern Villa needs an ultra-modern kitchen. Sounds logical, or? by Vinci | Hamp architects

dark modern furniture kitchen design remodeling

The most modern item in the kitchen here is an absolutely practical chic bar stools kitchen island. by master of construction

kitchen design white furniture built a modern dark flooring

So cute like we do you find these small cabinets? Piano white kitchen. Do you? -Fifth element homes

kitchen new shapes shiny surfaces smooth lines

Glossy white kitchen island and dark-blue kitchen cabinets against a yellow wall! According to John Lum architecture – AIA

new kitchen design kitchen island cooker bar stool window stairs

luxurious and spacious kitchen stainless steel, with black and purple colored furniture C O N T E N T architecture

kitchen new figures gloss kitchen island plate wood

Playful kitchen design with glossy cabinets and stylish lighting – MAL Corboy design

new kitchen design pendant luminaires glass table top

Now comes the Group of Brooklyn brownstone kitchen renovations – according to Murdock of Solon architects

new kitchen design cupboard black gleaming white

Fabulous kitchen design for penthouse new design – according to faith Cosgrove

new kitchen design modular kitchen island oven

Everything seems so elegant in the beautiful white kitchen thanks to the adding of the glossy black finish and the two contrasting barstool.-According to Savio & Rupa Interior concepts (Bangalore)

kitchen new figures hanging lamps fresh colors

Colored kitchen corner with Patterned rugs – according to Stephanie Norris

kitchen new figures drop light/pendant Orange bookshelves

The beautiful minimalist house L brought a kitchen in the same style – necessarily fits by Amitzi architects

kitchen new designing ceiling lighting integrated wooden floor

Corner furniture and a refrigerator in stainless steel within a single kitchen design – according to Melissa Miranda interior design

kitchen new shiny figures stool table wall decoration

Modern top floor kitchen – according to Croma design

strikingly modern kitchen accents horizontal pattern

We embellish the wooden wall and white accent furniture through the black lighting – according to David Wilkes builders

white kitchens remodeling table Island sink

The new modeling of a large kitchen can a chic theme dedicated among be – according to j. white design

Blue White gloss kitchens design door style

This is probably the most beautiful shiny blue kitchen, we have ever seen – according to age Studio

modern wood kitchen dining chairs, wine Cabinet plate

Wooden beams, wood-clad walls and a high bar island in an unusual form. This kitchen is a real treasure! -According to Ownby design

kitchen decoration modern Brown cabinet ground white

You have no choice but to fall in the contrasts of this kitchen and here you can use different colors. -According to Melissa Miranda interior design

colorful kitchen Setup black Island

Electric and full with life – so call this next represented kitchen design – according to LDa architecture & interiors

kitchen cabinet designs kitchen chairs glass doors installed

Super details for a State of the art kitchen with some chic bar hockern-according to John Senhauser Architects

wood furnishings set up kitchen cabinet wall decoration

The elegant dark kitchen below shines through to awaken the artistic paintings to life. According to Wheeler Kearns architects

modern colorful kitchen cabinet orange white black

White and black are super fit! That’s nothing new, isn’t it? However, who would have guessed before the invigorating effect of the Orange accent? -According to Mark English Architects, AIA

modern kitchen glass doors light wood flooring

The floors seem to go over in the kitchen island here! Great design – according to eleven interiors

Kundengefertigt turquoise surfaces kitchen bar stool white

Another wonderful example with expressive nuances. I this captivating blue just can’t resist – according to time Corboy design

send exotic elegant kitchen remodeling

Small kitchen island with a sink and a long dining table with a large wood-burning oven. It attracts my eyes when I look at the stone wall me – according to Chris Snook

Compact stylish bright kitchen Bowl metal floor lamp

This open kitchen design with the shiny kitchen island and the round shape of the area – according to Neuhaus design architecture

bright neutral kitchen green colour textures materials

Bright shades go well with the neon green color of the chairs next to the dining table. Can’t find you? -According to TruexCullins architecture + interior design

modern kitchen table top chairs hanging lamps d shelves

This pendant lights give more style of the whole kitchen, while the dark-painted Island extension provides functionality. -According to Candida L. Berrios

Braun Weiß kitchen remodeling modern facility

In this example, the black and white combination as the meaningful pendant lighting is less fascinating. They show a silver surface and hang directly over the kitchen island. -According to aimzter

wood stainless steel decoration kitchen Tiscplatte modern ambience

The manner is interesting here, as the kitchen covers the entire wall. The speech can be one accented wood wall for the entire area. -According to Cary Bernstein architect

dark modern furniture kitchen design remodeling

A luxurious addition to the captivating home. “Timeline” is the name of the new kitchen collection of designer Cucine. He is one of the leading specialists in this area – according to urban homes

black white modern kitchen design

This kitchen demonstrates the extremely modern style of Interior Design. -According to Elad Gonen & Zeev beech

beige furnishings kitchen lime neon bar chairs

A neutral colored kitchen decoration gaining incredible life by a few neon accents, and the Green vase on the kitchen island. -According to Heffel Balagno design consultants

modern apartment kitchen spotlight on living room

There’s something in this open kitchen layout with large wardrobes, the laminated surface and the large amount of shelves. Probably her charm in the color is! -According to Fivedot design build

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