New Kitchen Fronts: So Can You Your Kitchen New Life Breathing A

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Renew wood kitchen doors: step by step

Their cabinets are in a very good condition, but you want to renew very much like the kitchen fronts? This is an idea that we can only support! With little effort and resources, this refresh your look and give your whole kitchen a modern character.

New kitchen cabinets made of wood

new frontages modern minimalist kitchen frontages renew

Clean the cabinets

Really good to clean the existing cabinets, use a good cleanser. While you do this work, the room should be well ventilated.

Don’t overdo it with the rubbing. This can leave some areas look paler.

If the latter accidentally happens to you, you could again adapt the range to the normal color with a special gel.

Renew the old kitchen cabinets

new frontages Küchenschränle wood

It depends on you, how far the repair

One of the biggest benefits of this project is that you can bring it only as far as you want. In principle a thorough cleaning is simply enough in some cases. They could renew but also the kitchen fronts by you paint it or replace it with new.

Renovation in the kitchen

new kitchen cabinets and kitchen design kitchen fronts renew

Fill the holes in the wooden surfaces

If you have purchased your wooden kitchen cabinets long ago, you now have the opportunity to fill any holes with the time. Your kitchen cabinets look like new again!

Mix two or more shades of hard wax oil-based together. To fill the holes. Catch up with shellac.

The black holes require slightly more effort. You should previously by the dirt be cleaned inside. To do this, use a rotating tool with pointed end.

A modern kitchen from wood

new kitchen fronts wood Eames chairs kitchen fronts renew

Grinding the grooves

Must you grind even the grooves when renewing the kitchen fronts? Wrap sandpaper around a wooden stir stick. So go through the grooves.

So, you can renew your kitchen cabinets…

new kitchen fronts the old kitchen renew


The doors you have would determine the choice of hinges. Now you have the chance to change the style of the whole a bit. Would rather opt for the same color as the wood or a contrast shade?

This is also the right moment to improve the quality of the accessories. There are newer and newer solutions each year. Some can be fitted from the inside and are particularly adaptable.

Look forward to a new wood kitchen

new kitchen cabinets kitchen fronts renew modern wood kitchen

Mount the doors

Mount prefer self-closing hinges to the front frame. To pre-drill the holes, turn the cam follower so as it will happen when opening the door. Now position the door. The best you should get a helper, which can hold.

Would you adjust the level of two doors? Use Spring clamps. To attach a thin, straight table at the bottom of the front of the kitchen.

Refresh your kitchen cabinets

new frontages modern solutions frontages renew

Retro accents

new frontages wooden retro style

A modern bright kitchen

new kitchen cabinets wood kitchen design kitchen fronts renew

Cabinets made of wood

new kitchen cabinets kitchen cabinets kitchen fronts renew

Minimalist accents in black

new kitchen cabinets minimalist Küchendesignküchenfronten renew

Classic style cuisine

new frontages stylish kitchen wood kitchen fronts renew

Select a light wood color

new kitchen cabinets wood kitchen fronts renew

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