Old Kitchen Cabinet Which Suddenly Gets A New Value

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old kitchen cabinet new

Decorating ideas for the old kitchen cabinet

You have an old kitchen cabinet, the you spice up rather than throw away want to? Currently, the elegant antique design is very popular. Your old kitchen cabinet would be exactly right for a kitchen design in this trendy style! Here are some ideas for its further use, that could be useful.

The range of possibilities

Many are really the range of possibilities within the ancient style. You could bring unique historic works of art, as well as antique kitchen equipment to use.

Style mixture of your old kitchen cabinet Gets a major starring role

age worn down cupboard

As a color accent in the middle of the room, the revamped Cabinet elegantly stands out

old kitchen cabinet Mint green

Several lines within the ancient style

The antique style includes child styles. The design could be colonial or something contemporary.  Between antique and vintage, there are various gradations.

Binding properties

There are some properties which combine all ancient styles. You have some rural and idyllic in itself. Returning us in an ancient time, in which the cooking of the agricultural tradition was much closer. You illustrate this character easily through the decoration of your old cabinet. You must choose only the matching items to do so.

Some creativity and the old kitchen cabinets are a chic Office

old kitchen cabinet as Office

There are ways that you to turn the old OMA to a class cupboard Cabinet

old kitchen cabinet red

Antique Cookware

An effective method for achieving a vintage flair is the display of antique cooking utensils. Best, all of its components should come from the same historical period. So, the whole thing seems very elegant and classy at the same time.

The antique dishes would make the old cabinet to an art museum. It will play a central role in the Interior and become without a doubt a great eye-catcher in your kitchen.

The work is tedious, but the result is very worthwhile

old kitchen cabinet Baige

Many old furniture you can conjure up unique eye-catcher

old kitchen cabinet white

Certain corresponding elements could be distributed in the room on the walls. You would match well the centre piece – the ancient cupboard. At the same time, they would spread out its effect.

Works of art

Antique paintings or graphics are another great way for the decoration of the old Küchenschranks. They can be distributed on its shelves, or can be placed on these. The nature are most popular in historical context.

Turn on your imagination and draw harmony and elegance

old kitchen cabinet wood

Antique-looking storage solutions

You can reach the antique effect through carefully selected storage solutions. The offer on the market is very large. Antique glassware can be found in different sizes and colors on each any flea market.

The porcelain is another alternative. Porcelain ware are also available in different sizes. Porcelain vessels well write in contemporary context and at the same time connect one with the older, rural tradition.

The older the specimen, the more authentic the effect

old kitchen cabinet cottage


The last decoration idea for the old kitchen cabinet is the attachment of wallpaper. Antique floral patterns are available in many different textures and colors in the market.

The result can be surprisingly good, modern and refreshing for your kitchen

old kitchen cabinet kitchen

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