Outdoor Kitchens By JOKODOMUS For True Connoisseurs

Why do we find so great these outdoor kitchens?

Although the weather is not really playing, is the summer already definitely coming and it comes slowly the time for cooking outdoors. Yes, that’s right! In any case you need an outdoor kitchen. These you can build of course myself, order online at a discount store or but turn to the right professionals. We have chosen the last variant and searched for modern, ergonomic outdoor kitchens on the Internet. As you easily can imagine, we were quickly found, because the offer in this area is indeed huge. The refined kitchen systems of JOKODOMUS are among our best Favorites but definitely. In 1962, in South Tyrol, Italy founded, manages the company up to the present day to combine tradition with modern technologies and innovative materials. The result is simply stunning. Highest quality, perfect functionality and trendy minimalism are the three main characteristics, denoting the stylish kitchen systems.

Outdoor kitchens – minimalist design and clear styling lines

outdoor kitchens of jokodomus manufacturer stainless steel high quality modules

JOKODOMUS has developed three series for your kitchen that are recommended kitchen, both the indoor and the outdoor. It is worked primarily with stainless steel, Corian® clay oak and beech wood and a balanced combination of different textures and Haptika. The company has three main series – CUN, AUXILIUM, and PROFESSIONAL.

Mobile kitchen cart, robust block, ergonomic work surface, Teppanyaki or power induction, comfortable kitchen sink – everything is available here. The good thing is that you can combine the different kitchen modules according to their own taste and personal preference. These are of course not for free just so made that they made very good match of style and design.

Perfectly combinable modules of kitchen

outdoor kitchens jokodomus outdoor kitchen modules wood stainless steel

Trust the quality of well proven, Italian and even look JOKODOMUS’s high quality products. Because, no matter whether to cook inside or outdoors, if you feel comfortable and inspired. Only so that cooking can really be actually fun. And who if not understand better by cooking, the Italians?

Design yourself your outdoor kitchen!

outdoor kitchen of jokodomus kitchen modules minimalist stainless steel

Innovative materials and professional Know-How

outdoor kitchens of jokodomus series of auxilium kitchen modules wood stainless steel

Mobile kitchen module made of stainless steel

outdoor kitchens of auxilium Kitchen cart stainless steel

For the real professionals in the kitchen

outdoor kitchens of auxilium kitchen modules mobile outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchens auxilium beech wood cutting block

The elegant block of the CUN series

outdoor kitchens series cun block beech wood stainless steel

Keep the best views while cooking

jokodomus auxilium outdoor kitchens kitchen modules series stainless steel modern design

All kitchen module, you can quickly and easily move

outdoor kitchens jokodomus auxilium series modern kitchen modules stainless steel

Robust stainless steel gives the outdoor kitchen an extra touch elegance

jokodomus outdoor kitchen stainless steel

outdoor kitchens jokodomus high quality stainless steel

Teppanyaki series CUN

outdoor kitchen of jokodomus kitchen modules modern design stainless steel

Can be combined according to your mood

auxilium outdoor jokodomus kitchen modules series stainless steel

Modern stainless steel kitchen sink

outdoor kitchen of jokodomus kitchen modules stainless steel sink sink auxilium

Enjoy the benefits of innovative technologies with JOKODOMUS!

modern design modular kitchen jokodomus stainless steel outdoor kitchen

Our favorites from the AUXILIUM series

outdoor kitchen of jokodomus Kitchen cart kitchen modules modern design stainless steel